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Openness with Oliver Sykes


tumblr_o0ef6w5zxv1u1ycm9o1_1280“Are we just ladders in a world of snakes. If life is one big fucking game…I don’t want to play.”

It’s a strange universal phenomenon that certain frontmen/women of music groups have such an effect and impact. Perhaps they are completely unaware of this or don’t wish it to happen but the limelight has forced the world to know about it. It’s a powerful aspect when you can empathise, identify and find we can relate to these people. This is going to be about Oliver Skyes, frontman of Bring Me The Horizon and the experience I had witnessing him in Sydney this weekend. Music is such an emotional and transformative force – with healing and cathartic powers. It can take us on the journey of grief and sheer love. It evokes so many feelings within us all. Paired with a lead singer with some spark and personality,enhances the experience – it’s odd. I can’t explain it but something happens where you feel like they are right there in your brain. It’s a certain art – the ability to deeply and profoundly move people. I haven’t had such an experience for many years – that was until of course Sunday night which I will discuss shortly.

This experience of complete identification and immersion with a band/lead singer happened to me with Nine Inch Nails around that fun teenage puberty time. My broken cd on repeat – listening to the lyrics “ wish there was something real, wish there was something true” being unable to formulate my own emotions into words – he had done it for me. Without thought I would sing it over and over like a form of cathartic therapy. Dealing with my first heartbreak, school bullying, dysfunctional family,  lies, rumours and the battle to fit in and then a desire to completely rebel against it. My most important possession during my teens was my portable Sony stereo. I had various stereo incarnations over time …

I think of some of those key people in my music shaping life and this is just A SLICE… probably the most influential was Trent Reznor. Then to rattle off some others of bands/musicians I like look at Kurt Cobain, Robert Smith, Daniel Johns, Marilyn Manson, Michael Hutchence, Steven Tyler, Maynard Keenan, Courtney Love,  Axl Rose, Michael Jackson – and they all have a story and one mostly of adversity. Drugs, addictions, heartache, mental health, abuse. It seems unfortunate that so much pain is the source of their creativity.

I then look at other influential figures like Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Iyanla Vanzant of the more humanitarian spiritual areas and they all had serious events that cracked them wide open.

Maybe these events have to happen it’s all part of embracing who they are, their journey and their artistic ability. If you know any of these people and musicians you know some of their struggle. – If not you can read about Trent Reznor’s there…

I will never forget this one statement when I am wracking my brain in those hellish moments of mental health…. Eckhart Tolle says this statement bothered him – when he was suicidal he expressed that “ I”  hate etc etc “ my self”  – a distinction between I and the self.

On Sunday I went to the BMTH gig. I was introduced when I asked someone for some music to get into – they knew I liked heavier music… so it’s been a fair few years that I have been into them but never had the opportunity to see them live. He, like Trent Reznor, in many ways, really reaches into those deep dark corridors and screams with raw emotional intensity. You can’t fake that stuff. To quote Reznor “ the only way out is through”  Perhaps that’s why they have the following they do. Oli had laryngitis… and still performed. Perhaps not altogether unaware of how appreciative his fans were and the genuine impact he has on educating younger minds about mental health. There was an intro piece before a song called doomed – I could find a very fuzzy video of it here…

A personal journal ultimately –  recorded for all to hear…. It just had such a deep effect on me. When someone tells you their truth, embraces it for all the world to see – it’s not an easy thing to do. He has had a relationship break down, friends deaths and the words were heavy. Grief is a strange thing – it’s like a poison that stops you in its tracks and just when you feel better it can drag you right back under. It was moving and heart wrenching.

It’s courageous and inspiring to have heard him openly talk about depression. Before they played sleepwalking he said he felt sorry for people who hadn’t experienced depression – I agree. Without the dark you don’t know the light and you can’t appreciate those highs. If you know yourself, truly know yourself – all the dirty dark depraved places then I think that’s the healthiest thing you can do when tackling mental health. If you can truly be ok with all facets of your mental health then you know you can ride it out just like a wave.

All the artists I like go to those places… they take you on a journey into those places…. It makes my heart heavy that they often don’t know the sheer impact they have. That their voice, their music can reach so many on so many topics across the globe. In some ways I am envious they have a platform to reach out when they are going through their own nightmares.

As much as we can empathise we will never know someone’s internal world or private universe – everyone feels their pain at 100%.

I just hope that they can breathe in that they are valued and that their music can bring a little bit of relief to many. I hope they can take comfort that their words convey genuine meaning and value to others. We all need to be a little but more like Oli – embracing our truth and creating a sense of openness on so many important topics effecting all of us.

It’s ok to discuss these thing.

Visuel Versailles



Being a bit of a history nerd I do love a good period piece drama. I wouldn’t say I am an expert by any means on King Louis but familiar enough to see how this was told on screen…made by English …and spoken in English…I was curious as to how it would look/feel.  There has been a lot of hype around Versaille so I decided to binge watch 4 eps on SBS demand (always waiting in Australia arghh) to immerse myself completely in it.

My initial emotional reaction was one of immense hair (wig) envy of both colour and loose curls…sigh. Especially Louis –  he has that lovely chocolate brown I struggle to acquire.Then mid diet coke sip I thought just buy wigs!   Even the delightful Alex Vlahos, who plays Philippe Louis’s brother ( a bit of a a lot of a dreamboat actually), has referenced the extravagance of the production stating :

“My wig cost £4,000 and I had three – the set alone cost millions and the scale was massive, bigger than anything I had ever done,” he says. “The sets were so lavish they had recreated the interior of the real Versailles down to the last centimetre.”

Indeed it is is visually stunning to watch. Sure, a 24 million (GBP) budget helps with this in terms of location, set, costumes. An overwhelming sense of grandeur and opulence has been successfully created with no detail spared. An aesthetically pleasing cast too … that are doing this production justice  I had to giggle when the Guardian referred to the very lovely George Blagden as  “Louis the phowarteenth”.  I can confirm is accurate – wonderful, glowing skin and eyes –  radiant indeed as the sun king – definitely using BB cream. The dynamic between Louis and Philippe is fascinating to me and I am enjoying the tension between them and the constant push pull they have.

Here we have the scrumptious George Blagden as Louis and Alex Vhalos as Philippe x

There have been some unfavourable reviews and the series has been referred to as a “stinker” – I think they have missed  the point …where they harp on about the extravagance and sex scenes  –  historically we can obtain that Louis XIV was “intensely, fantastically dramatic” and therefore the setting and cast reflects this element that is at the core of his personality and reign. What I love about this production thus far, is it is explaining the man, his drives, his passions and his relationships – history fills in the rest with facts and war dates, triumphs and accolades, achievements etc . I care about the person – the interpretation of Louis. So many reviewers are just so quick to judge  –  love to see these reviewers make something of this scale! Appreciate it for what it is…  It’s just very romantic how the show has been put together and this insight is not to be overlooked. It is a vital element to the series. Louis to me, was a dreamer, a visionary , idealistic and romantic. Everything that surrounds his world and that is his world must reflect this. Bien joue Simon Mirren and David Wolstencraft and the writer’s Andrew Bampfield and Sasha Halis.

It is hard not to be captivated by the Palace of Versaille that is developing around each episode. I like to think that as the palace grows and expands, so too is Louis and his  mighty  personality and style.

It may not be War and Peace (seriously that book  has 560,000 words ) but it is still enjoyable to watch and truly is  visuellement superbe!  (that’s the best my French will allow for..and just one more non costumed pic for general happiness)


Inexplicable Ivy


It certainly is a struggle at the moment for me to get through the vast amounts of TV that I need and want to watch. Over the weekend I finally watched the BBC drama, Thirteen.  This is just a little sprinkle of thoughts. After hearing murmurings from friends and colleagues as well as being very aware that my Welsh crush, Aneurin Barnard was in it, I knew I had to get stuck into it. Perhaps the very best thing about this is that is is was created and produced entirely by women. I dare say that the tender and more subtle emotional nuances in the show perhaps emerged from this creative ensemble. They have nailed everything from the writing, casting and producing and it’s very encouraging to see in the industry. The pace is great and the plot progresses easily –  with the right balance of action and keeping it tense in all the right spots.

I have always been drawn to the darker topics so was interested in how they would tackle one of the more disturbing subjects on screen. There has been plenty of abduction stories so what would they do? How would they approach it?  It’s an interesting journey we take with all the character’s dealing with the topic of abduction and the many complications both physical and psychological of a capturer / bonder / stockholm syndrome-like scenario. Subtext a plenty and not at all overt, there is a lot left for the audience to gauge and fill in.  Of course there is the usual theme of adjusting to life as it is, everything has changed which is overwhelming on its own but we never really get much insight into the  mental torture and physical abuse Ivy endures nor to the profile of her captor, Mark White.

The different interactions Ivy has with her family , friends and the police is what makes this a compelling drama. Multifaceted and complex, I couldn’t really every get a profile on who Ivy was , her core truth. Those ongoing background questions make for captivating and intellectual viewing.

The only time I think I saw the ‘true’ Ivy was when she was with Tim, her former boyfriend. (Just as a brief aside It was somewhat unsettling to see Anuerin playing a role  in normal clothes, outside a period piece costume and using modern technology. Always a good thing not to be typecast).


Reverting to their teen versions when reunited , there was sacred and soft between them…not requiring spoken words. It was more a deep knowing on a soul level where words become unnecessary. There aren’t many people you can sit in silence with and yet say so much. This is how I would liken their scenes and it set me off into a deep energy releasing cry- athon!

I haven’t even started on the the acting prowess by all, the delightful Richard Rankin and some beautifully shot scenes –  but just watch it and see for yourself!

Ultimately a tale of survival and recovery, perhaps the more realistic side of survival.  I will leave you with an article from the writer, Marnie Dickens, discussing how there is no happily ever after with this type of situation or experience…

American Animal Kingdom

download.jpgAnimal Kingdom is a stand out Australian movie written by David Michod.  I can’t recall a better movie in 2010. From it, some of our amazing local talent got that much needed and well deserved global recognition (think Ben MendelsohnJoel EdgertonGuy PearceJames FrechevilleLuke FordJacki Weaver, and Sullivan Stapleton.)  

It’s beyond dark, it’s gritty and when I read that it was being made into a TV series in the US I was in two minds…. It really could go either way depending on execution, location, character etc.  I was strangely protective of this creation and story – patriotism can manifest in some interesting ways it would seem! Immediately I did my research on who was playing who – I love Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman (Sigh,Ben..Felicity days) and was curious as to how it would look on screen being set out of southern California. I really didn’t want to have a point break feel happening…

I  watched the first episode last night.  I am happy to report that I was immediately uncomfortable.  A sense of disease was present and I felt it set up the same dark and dysfunctional world for “J” to be thrown into. Some wonderful scenes have been constructed to show the co-dependent nature of the children towards their grandmother is particular unsettling. I know a lot of the ground work is from the pre existing text but it is the casting that would ultimately affect this show. The benefit of the TV format is that it can explore different elements and linger where a film can’t go.  I know the Hollywood Reporter didn’t give it a hugely favourable review but we have to try these things, test them, see what the audience wants which is so hard to do these days. I personally love darker stories. The character complexities and consequences of their actions. This 10 episode set up allows for us to go deeper into the interpersonal relationships.

In particular, I think the casting is brilliant. Scott Speedman is likeable as Barry “Baz” Brown. Not a role I  am used to seeing him in but I was pleasantly surprised. Charismatic and seemingly level headed you want to trust him. Physically, he looks clean cut as well which is crucial to his character. More importantly, Barry wants to believe  that he is still separate from the others and seems to have more of a moral compass. I remember watching it all those years ago and you can’t help but hope he is decent at his core. I find myself already embarking on the same journey with this invocation of Baz.


Ellen Barkin brings a whole new level of trashiness to it and I am all for it – yasssssssssssssss it works. She is a dream! Jackie Weaver was the bomb in this role so big shoes to fill. Whilst I am not about comparing ,I do think it’s great to see what somebody else can bring to the character. I was transfixed on her cleavage always being on display and found her interactions with the guys so completely creepy and inappropriate always blurring that line of being  too sexual. She certainly carries the attitude of ferocity with her throughout the episode and we know it simmers beneath that overly protective maternal exterior. This enabling matriarch is consistent with the Jackie Weaver character in this sense – she won’t take any shit.

Anyway, some musings on my part. I will continue watching this series. It can’t be an easy thing to adapt a critically acclaimed movie and split it into tv – different format, audience, elements, budgets etc. I look forward to seeing it spiral out of control and how the characters evolve …OH AND  more Scott Speedman – oh my.

Bad is bred….




Nothing’s impossible…?



I am trying not to be deflated, disheartened and dismayed.  If I don’t get it out there will be some type of mass mental explosion. There is not enough diet coke in the world on days like today. I feel like I am walking through mud. Affirmations are no longer working because I am slowly losing my faith in the power of positive thoughts, law of attraction etc. I know where I need to be in the world and what I need to do in order to get my career path moving up. What’s a girl got to do to be given a chance, a break through, a recommendation for someone to see the talent. To notice the glimmer of potential and skill, harness it, grow and develop it.


It took me 34 years to get here. I want to write. After much self evaluation, meditation,reflection, trial and error – I know I can do it. I have won a little Toronto award for my spec script on Silicon Valley here. I watch TV. I live and breathe it. I know what works in the Australian landscape and internationally but my subordinate position means I won’t be asked. I pay attention to the markets. I keep my boss up to date and current on the changing landscape that is TV. I am on top of all new commissions and platform movements – SVODS and digital implications. I write about it in my spare time on this blog =  I even have a dedicated excel spreadsheet with air dates and a rating system of A shows to C shows. I care about Australian entertainment and where it is heading and I love the company I work for – but it the opportunities don’t exist, I can’t create them out of thin air!

Every powerful woman that I respect has had a struggle of sorts so I take comfort in this. I re read these stories of Tina Fey and Lena Dunham and think “all is not lost” and then cry again . My  favourite range of potato chips is now discontinued so I can’t even enjoy my emotional binge eating. SIGH. It seems so insane to me. How do we fix this mentality and industry especially in Australia. Who can I talk to? Who will actually help me? What is the path? Can anyone tell me how to do this?  I won’t give up, there must be a way. It cannot be this far away, out there on the horizon idea to be a writer or script coordinator/editor etc. So let’s talk about what this looks like for me:

You need experience but no one will give you experience – I am out of university a fair few years now so I can’t get an internship as they are only available to students, I especially can’t get an internship in the USA or UK. Any roles that seem junior or assistant roles but are paired up with creatives,  have rejected me from for being too senior as I work for a C-suite level executive. I don’t even get  presented with the option or the question asked ” Even though the salary is a drop and it is a junior role would you do it?” . YES!!!!  I would take the lower paying job, yes I would work my ass off and go junior level again to learn via osmosis with  the small and tiny hope that I could get somewhere, someone might notice me, I would get more connections and have some networks. Often in Australia you can’t even apply for competitions to get exposure because you need 1 credit to your name to even enter… ugh ok … well how will I get that without the experience. And around and around we go. Then let’s look internationally. I have approached so many companies in the UK and USA. Sure,some talent scouts have approached me but it has ultimately gone nowhere and yet they ” love”  me . I am willing to relocate. I can get an E3 visa which costs US companies NOTHING (or very little in admin fees). I need a visa in order to apply for a job but jobs want you to already have a visa – this is like living in wonderland. It’s madness. Catch 22. I have applied to over 200 jobs above, below and beneath where I see my skill set – script coordinators, runners, admin, EA roles, writer. Nothing. I have however received many generic and automated emails. I can’t even get in touch with the right people – I have researched key people, identified them on LinkedIn and asked the questions I need to ask. I have emailed HR directly of the companies whose vision states they want creative, passionate and committed individuals. That would be me…the wasted resource over here.

I know we talk a lot in the the industry about women and men being equal at that top Hollywood scale in terms of money – but what about the every day problems and hurdles before you even GET to that level and now I have geographical isolation to deal with as well. It seems so upsetting that because of this and visas and other roadblocks I cannot get to where I want to be and it is not through lack of trying. I don’t see why I can’t apply for an internship if I want to do it, if I am committed and pay my costs, my flights, my living expenses – it would cost these companies nothing. In return they would get a hard working, committed awesome individual who embraces opportunities with everything she has.

There probably is a reason Alice in Wonderland has been my favourite book. I refuse to believe that I won’t get to where I want to be. Someone, somewhere will grab this talent and even though I know my worth it is not enough.

I have a vision board and it has my Broad City chicks who inspire me. I think about Abbi and Ilana and often re read this article about turning their creation into more and I keep focusing on the creativity and let my writing speak for itself.

Keep writing. Keep entering competitions. Keep hoping. Keep spending money blindly on entry forms instead of much needed mascara….or food. Keep wishing someone as smart and switched on such  as Amy Poehler will find it!  Keep beingwilling and open to throw it out to the universe and do whatever it takes to get there. Keep practicing my Emmy award speech with various shampoo bottles and envisaging my outfit….but I will get there. It’s what I want to do but some help would be nice…sometimes.Someone to throw that chance, that breadcrumb. I know it will be worth it when I am finding joy through writing.

Until then I will keep watching my shows and focusing on those talented women I admire in the industry, remain tenacious, continue my persistence, pray my green card lottery comes in or make a website to marry an American to get a green card which would allow me longer than 90 days to stay in the country and try that way!

oh and breathe and try and trust that the Universe has my back x





Magnanimous & Modish Maggie


I was a little bit hesitant to watch Billions. I knew the show was around, I read the hype but glazed over it. I will confess that it wasn’t on my A list of TV shows to watch… After binge watching it this weekend, I can say I was wrong to assume that.  The main reason for this was simple; I think I am still grieving Tara’s death from Sons of Anarchy which of course, was played by the beautiful and raw Maggie Siff.  Also an avid Homeland fan, the emotional trauma attached to Brody was still circulating in the emotional TV compartment of my brain.  Perhaps I wasn’t ready to see them as other characters just yet… They do say that there is no time limit to grief!

Anyway, the show is definitely worth watching.  There is a great pace to it, continual suspense, the characters, their interactions and dynamics is intriguing to watch unfold.  It is definitely a high stakes drama. Not to mention the ridiculously talented cast; the two alpha males of the show; Damien Lewis nails the role of Bobby Axelrod –  the trendy and “for the people” billionaire and  Paul Giamatti plays the ferocious and unrelenting Chuck Rhoades as  U.S. attorney. But who I really want to talk about is Maggie Siff who plays Wendy. She is Chuck’s wife and works for Bobby Axelrod as their go to for HR/psychology related matters int he office. She has worked for Bobby for years. Hello…! Perfect setup for tension and conflict writing – BOOM! It always plants the question – where does her loyalty ultimately lie…mmmm


Maggie, what a babe.  Wendy, what a character. The best thing about her is she is on par with these men. She has just as much impact, pull, weight as her husband and her boss. I love it! I just love watching her in this role and she is oh so stylish. The wardrobe team on the show have done such a wonderful job here and especially Eric Daman (which did not surprise me at all – his previous work is amazing). I cannot get over the most amazing job he has done to capture her character so accurately!  There is a wonderful article here that goes into the details of her wardrobe and the correlation to character.

Far too often the costume construction  of a character goes under the radar. It is an extension of their character and can say sooooo much. It truly is a team of people from writers, wardrobe and producers/directors etc who see this vision and pull all the elements together.

We now have entire websites dedicates to this such as with the TV show Suits and this which provides exact matches or close matches of outfits and accessories from Billions.

Something that is so appealing about this show is how multifaceted the characters are. There is so much depth and I feel as seasons continue we will be take on this journey with them as they reveal more and more about themselves.  Wendy seems to be an anchor in the show. She  steers both men on the right course, navigates those storms and high risk situations with grace, ease and foresight.303529CD00000578-0-image-m-31_1452912996326.jpg

The kink scenes between Wendy and Chuck are particular interesting to me.  Just as she is comfortable in her work wear and rockin’ it, she is equally comfortable in her dominatrix get up. I am looking forward to understanding in more depth, this relationship – the triggers, what they both get out of it, the background etc – it is so well places within the story that it leaves us wanting more. We become voyeurs seeking a closer, detailed look.  All of this has been brilliantly executed by costume, character and direction.

I just wanted to have a little prattle about this show – how important casting is and all the other hard working departments that create a show that so often get glazed over.

Have a watch and I guarantee you won’t be able to stop.


Ominous Outcast


If you don’t know about this show yet – get excited…or scared.  Another comic book  series developed for TV by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta emerges. Hooray!

The moment the credits started I thought the music sounded like Nine Inch Nails…close… it was Atticus Ross ( the two are often interrelated) . Those low, foreboding tones, immediately put the viewer into a tense  somewhat off balanced state… similar to that of the panic induced, edgy music of Mr Robot.

Main character, Kyle Barnes (yes I do have a mini crush on Patrick Fugit), has struggled with demonic possession, especially during his younger years. We meet him now as a barely functional adult and he can’t help himself be drawn back to Reverend Anderson who is dealing with another situation where a child seems to be taken by ” darker forces”.

I love stories about demonic possession but sometimes find them hard to believe when executed visually on screen. There is a fine line between realistic horror experiences and then the horror that gives you the giggles if it is poorly executed or too dramatic. The only way I can explain that is – imagine watching  Nightmare on Elm Street now – bad , bad 80’s VFX…that just makes you giggle . Outcast doesn’t fail in this area. It assaults you visually. It is violent and volatile. This is raw and real. This is how I envisage demonic possession – brutal, relentless and they have captured this beautifully in the first episode. Clearly they are not afraid to push those dark corners and MY OH MY has it paid off.  If you think the Walking Dead is scary… this touches a whole new level because the psyche is involved. Is it their mental health or are they possessed ? Demons – personal metaphors or reality?

I look forward to experiencing just how dark and confronting the journey is.




Your journey into self love

As we continue on our spiritual path, growth, expansion and shedding ourselves of old thought processes and emotions start to become natural processes that we go through consciously. As we try and …

Source: Your journey into self love

Convoluted Christine


*spoilers – even thought it is just a musing of thoughts it may ruin this for you!*

The Girlfriend Experience could be renamed The Girlfriend Engrossment. It moved far beyond an experience and into a completely immersive viewing event. This show is dark, edgy, thriller-esque and we unfold with Christine. The character evolution is executed brilliantly as we are there for every step of the way which makes for gripping watching.  It was an intimate experience which is juxtaposed to the complete lack of emotional intimacy the characters seems to portray.

(Before we jump in I think I should address my slow grow crush on Paul Sparks. He definitely has a pull factor, an aura, just something. Again, another indication of perhaps too much TV watching, I had to quickly adjust my headspace to this new role. I have just finished Season 4 of House of Cards where he plays the wonderfUntitled.jpgul Tom and of course I enjoyed him in Boardwalk Empire. This brilliant performance has just cemented that crush – just what I need, another unattainable character infatuation!? Even if he was a vile in this. Anyway…)

I have been told many times in regards to script writing that  we should   “show, not tell”.  For some time this concept has baffled me. Writing is essentially telling and explaining with words right?!.  It wasn’t until this series and the phenomenal writing/EP work of the beyond amazing Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz , that I was able to really grasp this idea. The show is not dialogue heavy. The characters are detached and the show relies on other aspects of the production to highlight this. The key is in the direction, the action and the stunning visuals. It certainly isn’t The Newsroom. A perfect balance of character dialogue, action and all that sex has been successfully achieved. In this aspect, the ‘showing’ far outweighs the telling and is gratuitous in doing so with intent and purpose. Sex is inextricably bound to Christine’s character . It has its own force and weight within the show and is essentially a character.

An element that particularly stayed with me was the wonderful shots. It is visually stunning and of course is an effective device at mirroring the character’s mental health.  There is a scene where David has completely hit rock bottom and is ruined. He looks out of the window and it is grey, concrete and no one around, no cars to be seen. It looks like the end of the world outside which is a direct reflection of his world ending.As Christine changes apartments so does the interior decor. There is little to no colour. Monochromatic – black and white. It’s vast, empty, stark and minimalist. It acts as a work office not a house and certainly not a home that is lived in. Just like her work, her apartment is detached, business like and clinical. It momentarily reminded me of aspects of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and his eerily jarring white apartment. Earlier she comments if she is a sociopath- she definitely sits somewhere on some scale… This scene captured this so profoundly.NEW

The other scene that used the colour and aesthetics was this one:


Void of all emotion this client visit was beautifully shot. It felt like all the human elements and emotions that are involved with sex have been removed. Strip these clients down to their core structure and this is it.  We are left with bleakness, a rawness and it is very transactional.

Towards the end of the series Christine is riding in a car wearing a very dark, bold lip. This is probably the first obvious accent of colour that is introduced with her.  Her clothes sometimes have colour but they are mostly neutral/black/white/dark blue palette. I found this interesting and suggestive of her complete identify shift. A total embracing.

The microdermabrasion scene was also a great sequence – perhaps indicating that the old Christine has been extracted /removed and that she was completing becoming an escort and another incarnation of one. The dead skin cells are gone so the new can flourish just like she intends to do with being Amanda. The scenes of her body maintenance  (hair, skin, waxing etc) are important as they highlight the commitment she is making to her new career. She couldn’t, and more importantly, didn’t want to commit to law school.

It is a  very powerful commentary on many deeper topics and especially in regards to  women and listening to what they want to do as well as  what empowers them . This series turns that paradigm on its head providing a platform to explore these topics.  Law isn’t the only industry that entails power, control, status and wealth …! It is a fascinating exploration of a  complex female character, one who isn’t in touch with her emotions or emotional at all. The attempts to see Christine connect are fascinating to watch. She still has choices though and it is her  choice to actively pursue this lifestyle. I think the topic of choice, empowerment and judgement are huge key themes to this series. To really analyse those psychological elements would be a small thesis!

This series is so impressive and there are many, many more topics and components we could break down and analyse that would cause debate.  As a female viewer it was confronting, fascinating, empowering and relentless. If I had to sum up the show in one word it would be impactful. Watch it – and see what journey you go through in each episode.

Powerful and important TV  that is engaging and though provoking and performed by an impressive Riley Keough.

We need more of it. I know I crave it. If this show doesn’t blow your mind… it might blow something else – WATCH IT!


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