My heart momentarily skipped a beat thinking oooh my TV crush is single but it was short lived. Possibly the quickest hook up turn around time post break up on TV! Heavy sigh.

“That boy is a real snake…” my belated mother would’ve said that about Jug and it seems super fitting given that he has now fully embrace his serptenhood. Toni Topaz certainly didn’t waste anytime and you can’t really blame her , he’s the good bad guy  *cue Harry Stiles tunes and she slithers on in for a kisssssss. I  have to say, I was disappointed in Jug here, I thought his brooding romantic notions might surface and he would at least spend more than 1 minute in disbelief – but then again his emotions have been thought he washing machine… seems he was thinking with another type of snake hey hey? (I know…lame)

It was devastating to watch him break from the inside as Archie delivered the blows but given that he was about to start a gruelling gauntlet – he didn’t have too much time to digest and process he just had to surrender and accept his fate.  That’s one way to stop grie  in its tracks.

There’s always a turning point in character development that spurs their journey on or where they realise their true identity and embrace it, step into their power blah blah. This was it team… this was it ! After being beaten, bashed, bruised and bloodied – he still stands tall after the Serpent’s final initiation trial. He is sporting a new snake tattoo on his newly ripped deltoids and muscle tee singlet – so I think my notions of him going back to the good guy journalist nerdy vibe has left the writer’s room. And yet I still remain hopeful that there will be a reveal later of what Betty did what she thought was right and that her and Jug will revert to their former vanilla selves and all will be well again… I think that may be a stretch but I had seen far too many romantic comedies and Disney films to be devoid of all hope.

(On a  complete side note, does it amuse anyone else that Alice Cooper is revealed to be  serpent and that she was rocking that outfit – her character and recent get up  completely remind me of someone who would listen to Alice Cooper’s Trash album – everytime I see her character it takes me back to fond tunes of the 80’s)

What will become of Jughead i wonder…? Will he descend into a downward spiral and start playing NIN – the angry edgy stuff not complete sullen morose tunes…or will he find his way back to the blonde bouncing pony tail?