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Kai’s kool – aid


Evan Peters performance would make me drink his crazy kool-aid ( or divine semen!oh my- it’s contextual people) I would drink litres of it after that episode and his fantastic display of his acting gravitas. I love this series, what it represents, uncovers and the dialogues it generates on the gritty topics that need addressing, but the acting… I hope he gets nominated this time round. It is an incredibly wonderful group of cast and crew from all the way down the line.

The way in which Kai divulges information about previous cult leaders to his band of followers is perfection. A salesman at best pitching his crazy cause in that charismatic fashion was compelling to watch. He is the perfect balance of coercion and crazed cult leader. Varying tone and pitch in all the right places, instilling his group with hope and purpose and then, in an instant, preparing them for a reckoning.  After traumatising them with a kool-aid suicide test he erupts with a roar “Why would I kill us?I’m running for Senate!” The complexity and evolution of Kai has been magnificent to watch and that is full credit to Evan Peters. From aspirations of political leadership and misguided intentions to full blown insanity and cultism.

Perhaps the beauty of his character was during the council meeting where Kai proposes and passes the Kai Anderson Internet Freedom and Integrity Act – an act that will monitor certain access to websites and essentially, control them which one senator points out as censorship. The best delivered line of the episode ” we have a generation of candy crush mums” – throughout all seasons the show manages to use the characters as a device to explore topics of paramount social relevance and to look at the actions and implications around us – similarly to that of Black Mirror.

The level of Kai’s delusion escalates each episode and i look forward to how it plays out with Ally especially.. The show challenges me to think about my ow belief systems and that of our wider, global community and how powerful, manipulative and dangerously they can be executed.



Kooky Kai

It’s the little things in life like one of your favourite TV shows returning that make all the difference. Let’s just take a moment before we jump in to recognise how wonderful blue hair looks on a shaggy Evan Peters…goodness. Please note I will not be mentioning clowns because I am still trying to erase them from my mind. Wasn’t it just like The Shining on colourful crack though? YIKES.IMG_9217.jpg

Kai Anderson. Kai with that off-putting yet entrancing blue hair. Kai gyrating with ecstasy over the election announcement of Trump. Kai enjoying a bag of cheesy chips  and then covering himself in them. Kai going to a council meeting and unleashing his speech on fear. Clearly, he fascinated me just like all his reincarnations through the series do but I was left wanting more and wanting to intimately understand him. Unfortunately I will have to exercise my patience and let it unfold but I love when a character does that. Being an impatient Aries has its downfalls, like I want to know the relationship between him and Winter NOW. I want to know the gaps in their relationship and what happened from election night to now.  what is this pinky promise all about – who has seen such an ominous pinky promise before. I also found myself just mesmerised and repulsed simultaneously during scene where he urinates into a condom and distastefully hurls it to some Mexican immigrants and let’s not forget his asshole coffee throwing skills. I suspect I need to unpack some of my issues here with a professional! Maybe he is just some blue haired, small time punk and misfit but maybe there is something more sinister just lingering beneath his cool anarchist personality. Yet, if he is to be a cult leader, he would need to up some charisma for me but then again that intense psychotic stare and blue hair probably would result in me finding myself exposing personal truths over a pinky promise grip. Whatever his angsty, political rants may be I am glued to the TV waiting to see the plot untangle and his character develop.

Blue hair don’t care.


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