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Redoubtable Richonne

UntitledFirstly, a  zombie apocalypse is no setting for a romantic romp!  Whilst I am not going to linger on the romance aspect of this episode , (maybe because I don’t really know my true feelings on the matter!)  I will address the following; I cannot be the only one who thinks of contraception challenges in this environment … perhaps condoms have been picked up on many runs for supplies who knows?? I mean if they could just be a little bit cautious…being pregnant and babies who need protecting in such a a hostile environment doesn’t instil me with happy endings.  Really this train of thought comes from a very selfish view of not wanting anything to compromise the killing machine duo that is             “ Richonne” and sure, seeing Rick in love and happy perturbs many female viewers . I am not immune to this.I am only human after all. Rick can’t be distracted – it won’t work otherwise. He cannot waiver.  If you can have sex  and even a meaningful relationship whilst trying to save human existence in such an environment then what do us mortals in everyday waking life have to complain about when it comes to relationships!!?! I have written about his brute force and  a warrior archetype that Rick embodies many times. I am enjoying the additional strength of a female by his side. You know that they would be the people at school appointed as captain for all sporting events and you would always be hoping you ended up on their team. Panic rises in me when those two are not with the rest of the group.  Remember in The Matrix how Neo finally understand he is the one and just he comes this amazing force to be reckoned with? I feel this translates to these two – they know it and believe it so much so that they are able to joke about their kills and plans that may go awry and make light of their carnival clear out.

Emerging from this episode was just how much Rick means to Michonne and perhaps how dependent she is on him. It goes beyond a reliance and a softer side has been seen. If something happens to Rick it questions whether Michonne could carry the group and keep leading. Love a flaw set up!  Once we know what a character values we know the impact it has if there is a threat of that being taken away. I often found myself wondering whether Rick’s reason or wanting to stay out just a little longer was to  extend the intimate bubble just a bit longer. Something that nourishes their soul. Everybody needs love – with such loss it seems like Rick craves this time for many reasons. It’s never ideal or the right time to be making out or have intimacy when you are looking after a group. Even leaders need love i hear you say! Love could be what forces these two to keep going, to have a reason – it’s the hope or the flicker of it.

Love is all you need…even in a zombie apocalypse

Rabid Rick Grimes & The Warrior Archetype



I definitely was experiencing some atrial fluttering during that episode. (Just as a total aside – could we STOP putting Glenn in traumatic situations just for one epsiode!?)

The episode left me with many different thoughts but the main take away theme for me was  about Rick and his unconquerable spirit. Rick continually displays this and is the reason my character attachment is deepening and probably causing some of my colleagues and friends to be somewhat concerned !

I couldn’t help but wonder why I find it so exhilarating when Rick brings the rage. I have written about this in previous posts about this “killing machine” aspect of his character make up.

I thought to myself that surely this was tapping into some alpha male behavioural archetype? There must be some gladiatorial appeal going on. Obviously Rick is in a somewhat different environmental landscape compared to the murderous games at the gladiatorial shows, but the bottom line is they are fighting for survival.

Upon further contemplation and research I have concluded it’s the warrior archetype – yup that is my thing with men.  I studied a lot of literature and character analysis and archetypes at university. Perhaps I should of been paying more attention to this application in my ancient history lessons. I was throwing the word “ hero”  around today to describe Rick. I know that will divide a lot of people but I truly stand by that comment. If nothing else I just find this an interesting point to examine.

Robert Moore says that “The characteristics of the Warrior in his fullness amount to a total way of life, what the samurai called a do (pronounced ‘do’). These characteristics constitute the Warrior Dharma, Ma’at, or Tao, a spiritual or psychological path through life.”

(I am not about to write a dissertation on Rick’s character traits throughout all 5 seasons but it’s easy to identify that he has the below  personality traits…)

In essence, the summary of warrior traits are detailed as the following – aggressive, purpose, mindful, adaptable, minimal, decisive, skillful, loyal, disciplined and emotionally detached. The point I like most is the creative destroyer aspect which means

“The Warrior is the archetype of destruction. However, the Warrior in his fullness only destroys in order to “make room for something new and fresh and more alive.”His is an act of creative destruction–he doesn’t tear things down simply for the pleasure of doing so. We call upon the Warrior archetype when we quit bad habits and replace them with better ones

Don’t we see this happen time and time again with Rick?

He often gets criticised for ruining, tearing something down but to him there is no choice. He takes too many risks, leaps into action without planning, new people think he is maniacal and impulsive with his decisions. However, Rick and most of the original group know it must be ended to start fresh, get a clean slate and keep moving and pushing forward. He gets the job done –  it is that simple.

Always at his core is the need to protect his family be it blood or acquired.the-walking-dead-episode-609-rick-lincoln-935.0 (1)

I can understand that the opposite end of the spectrum we see Rick display brute force and coercion  on the negative side of things. I still find them necessary and coming from a position of positive intent. His decisions may seem black and white at times but someone has to make these decisions. He also knows that this is his role at his core. I would liken tit to  when Neo realises he is “ the one”  in The Matrix – it all taps into that line of thought. On countless occasions we see Rick doing what has to be done.r. That’s what leaders do. They lead. Last night’s episode was another embodiment of this.

Make a decision and see it through. He did this by opening the door and unleashing the Rick rage!


Fight or flight? He is a leader at his heart. He rallies the troops. This scene at first looks like suicide but it just takes one action to inspire others. Think William Wallace! Rick does this time again – he gives his rally speeches. Last night he chose to let his actions do the talking.

I am sure a lot of you would argue that Daryl possess these traits and he certainly he is right up there on this level but i still feel he sits somewhat left off center in this regard. He certainly embodies a lot of these traits especially during this scene …I feel like he has more secretive/assassin like tendencies. DAR.jpg

I tried to narrow this down as to why I so desperately want a Rick Grimes doppelganger to enter my life ….well…he is confident, mature and he is certain.  I can’t deal with indecisiveness and certainly not in a zombie apocalypse!  Major turn off.

I don’t quite think it would be ideal to pop that I am seeking  a Rick Grimes-esque man who has the warrior archetype traits on any dating profile yet… but if it meant I would have a forceful soul in my life with a “don’t fuck with me face” and knew when to fight and when to love then I am ready world.

I just hope I don’t have to wait for the zombie apocalypse for this to happen…sigh.

Oh October

I am eagerly waiting for…

  1. The Affair Season 2 
  2. The Walking Dead ” Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” oh my…Rick
  3. Homeland 
  4. American Horror Story
  5. The Leftovers 

Heartbreaking Haircuts


I have waited 4 seasons, yes 4, for Rick Grimes to develop the rugged, earthy, manly “ I’m fighting zombies and have no time for personal hygiene or nonsensical things like hair cuts” look to develop.
I knew some type of group grooming was going to take place if only because the faux beard was getting out of hand and if anything, that would be a nuisance long term in a zombie apocalypse for multiple reasons (zombies grabbing it, blood lingering in it ,food being trapped there ,smell, heat etc) but this was pretty drastic .
Having studied film theory blah blah, I understand the significance of main characters and events that tie into bigger story arcs or have meaning conveyed. No doubt the significance of his haircut has some bigger picture that relates to reverting to his old self, the season 1 strength, the potential manipulation of Deanna by putting him in a position where he feels comfortable, safe and powerful etc. There are many reviews out there and theories around this.

Mine is not so analytical.

Scruffy,long hair = good.  Season 1 haircut = bad.
The experience was good for me initially. The shower scene got me a little flustered I must admit . I know that the show has little to no sexual landscape – obviously the environment is not conducive to really ‘feeling in the mood.’  However one must applaud them for casting male characters who look attractive in the foreboding zombie landscape. Thanks Atlanta for the sweaty environment and the scantily clad t-shirts.

Anyway I will talk you through the steps of my emotions during the episode:
1) Wonderful. Bliss. Females swooning worldwide. Everybody loves a shower and a bit of personal refelction – we get it.
2) Hallelujah! That fuzzy grey steel wool mess is coming off ladies! Excitement and anticipation was developing here
3)Confirmed happiness – the beard is gone. If Gillette needed a new celebrity endorsement – here it is! Goodbye hipster Rick.

4) Turning point. This is where we should of just stopped. Just let Rick be clean shaven but still all manly…but it was not to be. At first I didn’t trust her I thought haircut was code for chainsaw massacre behaviour.

I know it’s selfish and its all about personal preference but I can’t say I like this new look nor can I warm to it after being moody about it all day.

And i don’t want to go back. I don’t think the viewers want you to go back Rick, you can’t go back RICK that’s the point. YOU CAN’T GO BACK. Everything you have learnt, developed and cultivated from Season 1 Rick shouldn’t go to waste, and a silly little haircut can’t change that !

Gotta keep moving forward and adapting to the change – like all good leaders, right? Right?

Luckily hair will grow back – note how Daryl hasn’t had a haircut yet – yes more cautious and not so impulsive…one can only hope he doesn’t shave his head next episode or dare I say it, there will be tears.

RIP Rick’s locks.

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