What have I been doing and how did this slip off my TV radar and excel spreadsheet of shows to watch? The shame… especially since I pride myself on being across such TV shows, to be fair, my list is sooooo long. Apologies Darren Star. Apologies. Please forgive me Pamela.

Admittedly I haven’t been keeping up with TV as much as I would like to due to certain life events but boy oh boy (and boy being a key highlight of YOUNGER) I am back. (I also want to just throwback #TFW you are singing “coming clean”  by Hilary Duff  at very loud levels in-between studying and consuming vast amounts of chips around 2003 university exam times…goes without saying I have a special place in my heart for her getting me through! Also, WHAT A BABE.)

I have heard many  a good thing about the show ” Younger” – I wanted something comfortable, fun, feminine and light.  Warm and endearing is certainly what you get. I also find that I seem to be crushing on or attracted to younger men so the premise of the show appealed. Sometimes these guys are quite a few years younger….and sometimes a little too similar to this show. It’s just so hard to tell these days. I have no aptitude for age guessing. Watching the pilot episode made me have a few traumatic real life reflective moments especially when Liza blurts out “you’re way too young for me” we pretend it doesn’t matter, and on so many levels it doesn’t, and yet it can really matter. I love this topic to explore because it is very relevant. The cascade of emotions and situations that come from it are brilliant as executed by Sutton Foster who plays Liza.

It was all too easy for me to fall into a binge situation. Lately I just wish that this would happen to me – just cruising around Williamsburg,  having a job in the related field you want to be in, radiating a younger vibe than my current age (although I perpetually feel 27 in my head) The daydream scape of New York – a place that my heart always bursts over, the ever romantic Brooklyn bridge floating with fairy lights in the background and this guy….there’s always a guy right?! I sometimes feel I haven’t evolved form my Dawson’s Creek teen days – something cheesy but hopeful that taps into that romantic headspace. I felt somewhat nostalgic watching the pilot ep.

Right… I am constantly oscillating between the first few episodes of season 1 between loving this cute and naturally unfolding thing between Liza and Josh… Josh, Josh, Josh…makes me immediately think back to Friends and the episode where Rachel develops a crush on a guy called Josh and insists on him being called Joshua…I digress. And half wondering if such a guy really exists?

He is played by Nico Tortilla – which sounds like an insatiable meal of a name or a wonderful cocktail. So he’s a tattoo artist – a wonderfully creative endeavour, he’s a dream and yes you just melt into that eye and smile. NOT AFRAID TO ROCK A FLANNELETTE. Oh and yeah he is 26 and she is 40….He is one of those guys that does what he says – where actions and words align. YIPEE – my little heart skipped a beat, at least those guys exist on a tv space if nothing else. He is a very good initiator – persistent dates and chasing and just – who kisses like that so quickly?! But I want in – I so want in on all of it – all that deliciousness! Pamela, oh Pamela Redmond Satran – and no doubt the host of beautiful femme writers on the show have crafted that perfect = and harmonious male tv character. That guy character runs rampage in a lot of females heads an awful lot, so seeing his essence on screen makes me smile. How does one extract him from TV to real life though hmmmm I wonder? This is him! This is it! This is the guy. I feel like I need to take up a civil duty of showing men everywhere that this is great behaviour – the texting, the locking in dates, the no nonsense planning. I am such a planner that this really floats my boat. Yes, please take my phone and lock in my calendar a date – swoon o rama. That there is the standard I am hoping for.  I also admire the show for challenging some stereotypes like  guys don’t make the effort and pursue women, you won’t meet anyone in NYC, everyone’s taken or gay – here we see a guy courting. Dammit I want courtship!

Ultimately a show that seems (so far) to be about reinvention. Bite size romantic comedy escapism that we need on in our television mix. It can’t all be Rick Grimes and zombies and Jon Snow situations – we must balance out the heavy with the light. This show does it ever so well by striking the right balance of some important dialogues facing women these days and judgements around age and relationships to some candy floss fantasy aspects.

Maybe it will keep me younger just by watching it and laughing 😉 one can only hope!