I won’t lie – I miss Robb Stark and you can flick through my posts about that inevitable grief.  You can imagine my delight when FINALLY Australian TV aired Medici – Masters of Florence recently.  Also, an avid lover of a good period piece, I have to fess up that my knowledge of this family from Florence was quite poor (sorry to all my history teachers and professors..but I have been to Italy…well Rome). It also didn’t receive a huge plug in any of the TV materials I indulge in…not that this has deterred me. Like anything with life, one must experience and formulate their own  opinions.

My initial thoughts are thus; watch it! I read a review from the LA times and I agree with that article -7 million Italians can’t be wrong – they devoured it! 2 episodes and I am in. The beauty of this so far is that the director, Frank Spotnitz, is aware that not everyone in the audience is a history buff and so has created a series that is relatable. It may not be on the grandest of scales but all the workable elements of setting,scenery and costume are all present.

An element that is truly enjoyable to watch for me these days since I watch so much darn television – is often how actors work together. How they blend and complement one another. I am thoroughly enjoying the dynamics of Dustin Hoffman who plays the father, Giovanni ,and his sons, Cosimo played by the insatiable Richard Madden and Lorenzo by Stuart Martin. (Yeah that’s right, he IS a voice on the video game Assassin’s Creed -nerding it up over here) Cosimo has this wonderfully, romantic, dreamy quality about him that I can’t help but collapse or swoon into.  Watching him i like sliding into a lovely bath – it just is a dream. Many can relate to your life being pulled in a direction not of your choosing…  Lorenzo the lush let’s call him – come on, Stuart Martin is a sheer delight and I look forward to the brothers and their complex relationship unfolding as the episodes continue..seriously if nothing else watch it for the brothers! YAS. Truly, Richard Madden is remarkable… in anything he does.

From a writing perspective (yup get my dork script writing hat on) I really find it fascinating to make a period piece realistic with dialogue and still be true to historical information. Y’all don’t know how challenging dialogue is unless you do the do of the writing so KUDOS – can’t find many of them on IMDB but god they need some credit and if I am just one person to give it then so be it.

Easy watching and you MAY even learn something or have the urge to research this family.