Untitled.pngOh, Marnie. My heart just burst with/for you during that episode. No doubt others globally were empathising with that meltdown.  And what an important one to have.  Am I right? Sometimes you have to go there…yikes , and haven’t we been there in one way or another …at least once. What’s growing up without a little detour to all those places and parts we don’t like.?! That’s what I love about Girls and always have.  Say what you will about the show and Lena Denham – you won’t get any negativity here. It’s so authentic to its characters and the situations they go through or are presented with. There is an element surrounding all the  cringe worthy moments that exudes a very raw and honest truth.  I think it’s important to get to the place where Marnie was – be it collapsed on the floor after a weird weekend getaway turned hostage situation in Poughkeepsie or folded up on your bed or breaking down in the shopping center, or work or anywhere really– it happens and when it does it’s spectacularly intense. That instant surge of emotion bursting uncontrollably out in all the most  unattractive ways.  Everyone has their breaking point followed by the clarity of “ I can’t do this anymore and a change needs to happen” . We do some strange things in the weirdness of space and time that is a relationship split or separation.

And then we calm the crazy.

Picking herself back off the floor, one foot forward, we have to keep moving, the show must go on.  Hooray to some of the girls having some self awareness if only a shred. The entire journey to this last season has seen the character arcs grow and expand and not necessarily how we want – but it’s their path not that of the audience. Hannah summises this best by her saying  “It can be pretty hard to have observations about other people when you’re only thinking about yourself,”.

The revelation of the truth for Marnie (and even Desai about his oxy addiction) is such a necessary and powerful step. Through the myriad of emotions there comes a time when the fog finally lifts and  it’s time to sit with it. The painful experience of feeling it all, digesting, dissecting and then repairing or as I like to call it a “re glue” instead of a redo. Time to disentangle yourself Marnie and start the upward climb (and sometimes stumble)  into all the awesome that is you. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes her.  Perhaps the most important takeaway is the support of those who help you get out of this hole. As the song goes… “I get by with a little help from my friends. ” x