It’s been heedless of me to not talk about our own home grown Australian Drama on my blog.  The landscape is very different here with limited networks so we don’t have the volume to comment on and since we are only a few eps in I won’t prattle on too long. I thought I would take just a quick moment to acknowledge this show and perhaps persuade you to tune into it – you will be pleasantly surprised.

For me, there hasn’t been an Aussie drama as good as The Secret Life Of Us in forevererer. Yes, I loved Offspring, Tangled etc but they weren’t Evan and Alex …sigh! You can imagine that when I knew Judi McCrossin (chief writer of the Secret Life Of Us) was adapting the book – The Wrong Girl I got somewhat excitable.

To bring you up to speed  the show focuses on Lily Woodward, a producer on a morning television show. She is the everyday girl that we can all relate to as she tries to navigate this thing called life She is someone a lot of us can relate to and this is key – the commonality of the themes explored seem to be resonating with audiences as we are now a few episodes in.

A show of hands if any of these topics resonate with you …!?!!

1)Working in a job that you don’t love but because it is in the industry you want to be a part  you hang in there in the hopes it could lead to other things

2) What about being a young woman and not having it figured out – not being married or in a relationship – but you are watching every one around you getting houses, babies – all those adult like behaviours that for you, seem out there on the horizon…somewhere

3)  Navigating the people at work and the many personalities, politics and demands that come with that.

4) Men. Say no more! Not just any men – one you work with and your best male mate… and a stirring of romantic feelings in you for both of them.

Much credit is to be given to Jessica Marais who captures the endearing traits of sensibility and chaos in her performance as Lily. (As a side note doesn’t she wear some great nail colours too! ) Enter the  quirky flat mate Simone, played by Hayley Magnus who embodies that one friends we all have who is a little offbeat. Then the dreamboat Pete (Ian Meadows), Lily’s best male friend. Let’s be honest –  I am invested in their undercurrent of love and hope the story arc sees them realise their love for each other….that would be the right outcome…for me… but I guess the clue is in the title.

The writing is spot on and I am enjoying the pace and flow of it so YAY to the writing team – this makes me happy and hopeful and dare I say it…inspired to keep writing locally.

I look forward to watching her juggle friendships, conflicts and most of all her man issues!

Go on, give it a watch and embrace Australian TV!