Perhaps the most powerful words on TV this year. (….no surprises it’s from Transparent.)

I was feeling a bit annoyed after watching the second presidential debate and having Trump’s comments of   “they’re just words”  looping through my head. I have always struggled when people dismiss words and stress that actions are more important.  As a lover of languages, writing and story telling, words certainly carry immense weight and watching this episode cemented that for me once again.

It cut right through me. I was crying well before I was aware of it.

After the episode I just laid on my bed having a little cry. 34 but feeling about 13.  Not entirely sure why the onset of tears was happening, but obviously some grief was erupting. Maybe it was extreme empathy for Shea, trying to, but never quite going to be able to understand her trans/formation and journey, a sadness for the behaviours that Josh displays and his inability to be aware or change them, loneliness and essentially those words convey a dejected, used feeling. UGH.

I have been studying a lot this year in script writing. There are so many rules and formulas and “Hollywood standards” – and once (hopefully) I can grasp that I hope to just push those boundaries like Transparent. I like all those who don’t quite follow those said rules – Tarantino, Lynch, Sorkin….. but what I like is what they have to say and how they have to say it. I loved Jill Soloway’s Emmy speech this year where she said this about story –

When you take women, people of colour, trans people, queer people, and you put them at the center of the story, the subjects instead of the objects, you change the world, we found out. We found out!

The importance of dialogue was a fascinating topic during my course.

I want to move people and tell those stories. That’s why I love TV that’s why I want to write. Emotional resonance is powerful. I woke up this morning with a renewed vigor to write and create. Tell those stories, share those voices, move people, start a dialogue, a conversation and then watch it grow to help communities, politics…. This show is the catalyst for so many wonderful things and I hope its positive momentum continues.

Let’s talk about the exceptional Trace Lysette.

In a childlike moment, running through an abandoned water park and sharing an intimate moment, she finally feels it’s safe to share with Josh that she is HIV positive. I love that this show is able to have very real conversations – sure, Josh is a bit rattled, it’s new information and processing it all is quite full on. Some stigma around it and misconceptions by him – sure. The line by Josh where he asks  “ can we hit pause…can I be a bit weird about it”  he is digesting this information. The essence of the scene is the complete disconnect between them. He says its cool but it’s evidently not cool at all and Shea reacts with extreme and justifiable hurt. It diminishes their relationship or interaction within seconds.

Raw emotion will get me every time. The audience can tell when it’s sincere  and they believe what they are saying.  Trace Lysette delivers that whole scene and especially that line of “ I’m not your fucking adventure”  from way down in the depths of her being. It destroyed me. All of the hurt, pain, frustration, hope – packaged and delivered in one perfectly executed and written line. From this I wanted to know more – more about this person and her real life journey.

What a fantastic human being – I would read this article about her which details her personal connection to the character.  I love this show for so many reasons –it  is educating me, along with others, about this very important and relevant topic , allowing these human lights to shine brightly rather than hide away and have their sparkle dulled. Love, create, play, show compassion, understand, have patience, be tolerant, acceptance  – all the good things.  I have enough trouble trying to get my formatting right in my scripts – a long way to go before I can create such impact dialogue and characters – but this makes my heart full and burst with positivity and hope.

I also love that she is real with Josh. No one really calls him out on his emotional immaturity and lack of accountability. She blasts him calling him a fucking child. A really great underlying comment on Josh’s character – when will he take ownership for who he is and his actions?! There is some redemption for Josh as he drops Shea at the airport he says “ Sorry… I don’t know what I’m doing” – ARGH I really want his character to find himself..anyway….god Jay Duplass is just phenomenal in general…sidetracking…

Love over fear…always. Please. It’s the only way we will ascend x

Thank you transparent team x
(and especially this group of inspiring writers… sorry this is all I could find from researching…)

Arabella Anderson ,Bridget Bedard, Micah Fitzerman-Blue.,Noah Harpster,Jessi Klein., Stephanie Kornick Ethan Kuperberg, Ali Liebegott , Our Lady J ,Faith Soloway , Jill Soloway.

season 3 trailer xxx