If you don’t know about this show yet – get excited…or scared.  Another comic book  series developed for TV by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta emerges. Hooray!

The moment the credits started I thought the music sounded like Nine Inch Nails…close… it was Atticus Ross ( the two are often interrelated) . Those low, foreboding tones, immediately put the viewer into a tense  somewhat off balanced state… similar to that of the panic induced, edgy music of Mr Robot.

Main character, Kyle Barnes (yes I do have a mini crush on Patrick Fugit), has struggled with demonic possession, especially during his younger years. We meet him now as a barely functional adult and he can’t help himself be drawn back to Reverend Anderson who is dealing with another situation where a child seems to be taken by ” darker forces”.

I love stories about demonic possession but sometimes find them hard to believe when executed visually on screen. There is a fine line between realistic horror experiences and then the horror that gives you the giggles if it is poorly executed or too dramatic. The only way I can explain that is – imagine watching  Nightmare on Elm Street now – bad , bad 80’s VFX…that just makes you giggle . Outcast doesn’t fail in this area. It assaults you visually. It is violent and volatile. This is raw and real. This is how I envisage demonic possession – brutal, relentless and they have captured this beautifully in the first episode. Clearly they are not afraid to push those dark corners and MY OH MY has it paid off.  If you think the Walking Dead is scary… this touches a whole new level because the psyche is involved. Is it their mental health or are they possessed ? Demons – personal metaphors or reality?

I look forward to experiencing just how dark and confronting the journey is.