By now I hope you have discovered Animals., a wonderfully chucklesome animated series.

I tried to explain to someone why it is so funny and concluded that this show captures the significance of the insignificant. Similarly to that of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is discussing the everyday in a nonsensical fashion and yet at its core there are some (and I can’t help but smirk) deeper meanings to the topics discussed by the various Animals. Through the device of humour and the animals perspective, they are able to shine a light on the more serious topics. I think it is so fantastically written and executed that it provides a platform for the guest voices to launch off and play with it. The writing is so legendary in my opinion that you can’t help laugh out loud at each animal segment.

You probably have to be in the mood per say to watch it though. I am always in this type of headspace but some people require a bit more assistance when it comes to a more quirky type of comedy show. I suppose it is like Broad City as well, that can really rub you the wrong way dependent on mood.

So to assist you, I have found the ideal time to watch this series and that is immediately after The Walking Dead or perhaps another stressful show (think Mr Robot, Homeland etc). It is hard to calm down from the fear induced state that these shows create – I also am developing TMJ  from clenching my jaw so tightly from such stressful scenes. It reminds me of playing the video game Doom – I am in a constant state of anxiety! We need to ensure we live balanced lives even in our TV viewing realms. The best way to attain this balance is by laughing. In this case, laughter really is the best medicine to relieve my jaw pain and Animals. certainly provides this . I embrace the silliness and welcome it with open arms after the many murders and high tension of The Walking Dead.

Anyway back to last night’s episode. Parenting pigeons. A wonderful dialogue about how hopeless some parents can be. Enter the uncensored, slack Shady Larry Matarese in all his neglectful parenting glory. Animals-Season-1-Episode-6-32-a63b

Shady Larry has been absent for the most part of Phil’s life. On being reacquainted he appears to to be inattentive, scheming and unconcerned with Phil in any capacity. Ultimately he ends up using Phil in a money making attempt which is hilarious to watch unfold. Unfortunately Shady Larry gets them involved in a dangerous situation . I particularly enjoyed the dismissive comments made by Shady Larry – especially when they are in a life threatening situation. Not even a nice word can escape his mouth with death on the cards. He really does appear quite callous. Just lurking beneath the surface is the very fascinating and all too real relationship between some parents and children. So many parent-child dynamics are so strained and this episode shines a very funny light on this. We often see a child who has eternal hope that their parent loves them, believes in them and can change and a parent who is indifferent and just takes what they can when they chose – they flit in and out of their children’s lives.  Some parents simply never wanted children and see them as a burden (haha get it-  BIRD en – I amuse myself) – this is just spectacularly shown on screen and cleverly crafted by the creators.

If you haven’t watched it yet – give it a go. Wildly funny and out there – it will definitely crack a smile.