I had a very productive Sunday, I binge watched War and Peace finally!

This show has  resurrected the romance genre in my opinion- and  in just one scene!

Perhaps the best way to summarise my overall feeling post completing the series is by the artist Berlin and the song ” take my breath away”  – and that it did.  A beautiful piece of literature adapted to the screen. It is visually stunning with it’s period piece costumes and dramatic landscapes. It is told brilliantly through the direction of Tom Harper.

But you know that on my blog I like to hone in on a few topics because we can leave the critiquing to the experts.

Just when I thought my on screen crushes were at max capacity, and that I very adamantly wouldn’t take Rick Grimes off the number 1 spot,  there seems to be a whole new category for our talent hailing from the British Isles that could  threaten that status! I have been so busy watching all my current TV shows with a USA skew I have been neglectful ( and would of been until Game of Thrones rolled around again) of all these male actors.  The actors mentioned below all possess phenomenal amounts of what I can only describe as presence. And yes, they all exhibit this in their own way. If I was to be blunt I would say they are nothing but a visual delight. Total hotties.Untitled

First to get my attention was Anuerin Banard. He was magical in The White Queen and beyond captivating as Boris in this. I think perhaps he is becoming period piece casting perfection. I am yet to watch The Scandalous Lady W but I have a very hectic tv excel spreadsheet going on at the moment. (promise I will get there) I always find his characters to have a hidden depth to them be it positive or negative that’s just itching beneath the surface.

The very striking Nikolai was intriguing to me as a character. His character development throughout the episodes was interesting to watch unfold – from a naive boy at war, card games and gambling to a mature and content man with Marya at the end.I won’t lie, I had to google him. I remember a vague appearance in Wolf Hall (Correct -and some credit for  remembering!)  In my defence, he is very young and part of the breakout brits about to skyrocket.  Jack Lowden is his name. Dreamboat. Keep your eyes on him..challenge you to take them off him!Untitled

Callum Turner and Tom Burke – the bad boys. Don’t they do it well !!? Their characters exude arrogance and they nail their negative traits so well. Anatole is so dastardly. Dolokhov so deranged.

Note* Paul Dano is American so he gets no mention here other than he is remarkable.

Then there’s James Norton. He doesn’t really need an introduction. He is also possibly the source of girls swooning. all over the globe. I read somewhere  that he has been labelled a Russian Mr Darcy if that puts some contextual framework around it. The ballroom scene is the most romantic thing I have seen in such a very long time. It is so magical and comes to life through a dreamy stylistic execution. No doubt it taps into all our Cinderlla-esque fantasies. I couldn’t hold the tears back. I think there was some grief pouring out – something so sad about how we court each other these days. I would much prefer the polite manner of someone asking my parents permission to dance as opposed to swiping me left or right on tinder! How times have changed! I loved their whole story – Natasha and her pining. The waiting and anticipation to see him again – that seems to have disappeared in modern times. There is something to be said about delayed gratification.  The moment when they touch and connect gave me butterflies! It was truly  bewitching watching this scene. SIGH. WAP.jpg

If you haven’t watched it – please do. Make the time. It is a great story based on a great book with great actors (and ridiculously attractive – male and female!)