Vomiting is a deeply personal experience in my opinion. I really don’t like anyone to witness me in that highly vulnerable state. However emotional trauma, shock and stress will cause your body to react without your permission – much like it did with Brett at the end of last week’s episode upon hearing Michelle’s news.

Nothing says “I’m here for you” more than cleaning up bodily fluids that are not your own.  This episode shows a redemptive Tina who takes care of her sister, starting with cleaning up the vomit soaked bed sheets whilst asking “What did he eat? Did he eat vomit and then vomit up the vomit?”

poop.jpgGoing above and beyond, Tina continues her sisterly duties by extending this to changing a nappy – which is a poonami  type of situation. Not everyone is going to literally sort your shit out.  She even  offers a valium to calm Michelle down in an attempt to get some sleep. Who doesn’t love to self medicate!? Everybody loves a friend with calmatives/sedatives right?

What really resonated with me in regards to Tina and the above examples in this episode, is that little gem we are taught – actions speak louder than words. Didn’t they just speak volumes in this episode! ( We will get to Alex and Brett shortly) Tina is clearly not a natural with children and we see a much softer side to her when she is in bed with Michelle comforting her.

This concept is becoming more and more important to me. People show you who they are. People can talk and talk and talk but when words are backed up with action then you know you  really have something concrete, sincere and genuine. Perhaps it is as simple as actions show you – we have some type of proof with them. The smallest gesture can mean so much and so often we forget this. The scene that got me teary was Alex and Brett embraced outside of the plane toilets. Brett finally has a moment and they embrace. That shot was beautiful (below) and powerful.  The whole episode touched on being supported which is why this visual was so moving to me.  It also highlighted to me that genuine people are consistent in their behaviours and actions regardless of the emotional roller coaster the person they are looking out for is going through. They are simply there, present and that’s enough.


There is so much we could say (and so much that has been said on the internet in reviews) about the bond, the bromance the BFF relationship that is Brett and Alex. I just wanted to touch on a few things. I like Alex…a lot. We probably need more characters like him in real life! Perhaps it struck such a deep chord within me because I feel this is lacking in my life.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously so he is a perfect balance for Brett and coping with his frenetic reaction. This episode demonstrated how solid and substantial he is towards Brett and the situation. I find it rather rare these days to have really deep connections with people. I have a few friends/family members that mean the world to me. They know my quirks and weird behaviours, my light and dark. For me a residual thought after the episode was – you have to have people in your life that completely get you. That really know who you are. We see this between these two and that’s why they are able to provide emotional support without judgement to one another. They create space for the temporary crazy.  They tell you how it is. Alex supports Brett but doesn’t feel compelled to support the situation. Maybe it’s even a little lesson in mindfulness – allowing the person to express a multitude of emotions and just be with them without judgement. There is a lot to be said about just being present for someone.

Tina and Alex really demonstrate the types of values and traits you want in a friend/relative  at their core nature in the best way they know how throughout this episode.

It’s a timely reminder that a kind gesture to a friend or anyone in need can really lift their mood. Ask yourself this – are your friends/family willing to deal with your bodily fluids and manic behaviours? Here’s hoping!

P.S how amazing was the ping pong scene – killer! Not gonna lie… maybe my favourite episode THUS far!