I have just surfaced from the depths of spec script writing.   I wondered how on earth I was going to find time to  keep on top of my TV viewing habits – and then I glanced to my desk and saw the multitude of diet coke bottles piled up. Ah. caffeine, where would writers be without you. Anyway…

Animals. What a riot!

I love the perspective shift.

I needed something to keep me going until Silicon Valley returns and my oh my have I found it!

I laughed so hard that I actually sustained a laughing injury – a diet coke carbonation nose burn situation. That’s a real thing. That transpires form laughing so hard that a gasp of air goes awry. Diet coke (insert other carbonated beverage here) travels upwards into the nasal cavity and burns. The things I do for HBO – seriously…

I felt compelled to address this article in Variety. If this article had it’s own theme song it would be  “Burn” by Nine Inch Nails.

“Animals is the worst HBO comedy in some time”

OUCH!  Firstly, I can guarantee you that HBO’s worst would still be in the elitist category. I also don’t think HBO know the meaning of worst because none of their shows ever peter out.

“The animated HBO show has a lot in common with programs like “Girls,” -“Louie” and “Baskets,” and like “Togetherness,” it boasts Mark and Jay Duplass as executive producers. But the extraordinarily tedious “Animals,” unlike those shows, fails to hit any of its chosen targets. It is unfunny, its animation is unexceptional and the studied banality of its dialogue is excruciating.

Wow. Harsh. I will dissect what’s wrong with the above quote:

  1. Yes it does have a lot in common with the above shows. The above shows are incredible, award nominated and winning shows.
  2. Girls is sensational. It touched on a much needed voice in the TV landscape. There was a strong need for a show like this. Female writing and directing at it’s best. Raw, uncensored and relevant.
  3. Louie and Baskets are funny – not necessarily my go to comedy fix, but there is definitely merit in those shows and I still enjoy them.
  4. Togetherness – see previous post. This show is so deeply personal and intimate in a sense. A wonderful hybrid and blending of light and dark. It’s currently in my top 3.
  5. The Duplass Brothers – yeah they are boastworthy alright. They are EP’s because they watch, make, create, act and therefore are able to discern and gauge spaces in the TV viewing world that may be untapped or where a potential opening is. Probably why they attached themselves to this quirky little show. Smart cookies those guys. (As a side note – they are both total intellectual dreamboats and wouldn’t you just get their coffee, and do any menial task they wanted, manage those diaries – yes. yes you would. I digress.)
  6. This article bothers me so immensely  and I know it shouldn’t but sometimes I wonder why there is a reluctance to embrace a show that tries something different. Embrace the silly. It might do you some good.
  7. I realise everyone can have their opinion just like this is mine. I suppose I take comfort in the idea that like attracts like – so hopefully these creative, witty, intelligent people continue to gravitate  towards each other and let their creativity spill out into the world on many formats. Sigh. One day I will be a part of that world.

Back to Animals. Elements reminded me of more twisted and perverse  episode of Seinfeld. Everyday banter bought up to date and explored a little more.  The fantastic thing with animations is you can often push those topics that are always a tad risqué (even for HBO) through this medium. It certainly works in  their favour.

Maybe it is as simple as a rat referring to her vagina as her “ downstairs area”  because I do that. I took delight in knowing that someone else in the world calls it that in order to write about it.

Perhaps it is the hilarious descriptions such as the Statue of Liberty being referred to as     “ the green lady with the ice cream thingy”.


I love the level of involvement the show creators have these days. Phil and Mike are the voices of characters in each show. I love this element of playing in your own work – how fun and rewarding at the same time.

It definitely caters to a particular type of audience no doubt …the best kind, the ones who love a good giggle.


” I’m gonna fuck the feathers off you”

See for yourself! They made my day.