Right, before I talk about the season 2 return let me just say this : Togetherness is a remarkable show. I urge you to add it to your TV spreadsheet…if you have one of those like I do. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is that resonates with me so deeply in each episode but the key take away I am left with is the word impact. When my yoga teacher tells me to feel more and think less I suppose that’s the approach I take with this show. It is more about how it makes me feel quite deeply.I have been trying for a few weeks to convey it in words and failing miserably. I also had the same viewing experience with The Leftovers – it just left me in some profound, deep, contemplative states which is welcomed in a world where we are so distracted from ourselves.ff_duplass_1_grass-1200x630-e1437510748887.jpg

Introverted and introspective. Their style forces viewers/me to pause for moment and touch on questions about connecting and relating. It taps into those emotional places in my moments of stillness.  I can’t give it the credit deserves because words and phrases are failing me – just watch it and see! The Duplass brothers really are just the all rounders of the TV world skill set; writing, producing, acting and direction. You name it they have it or can do it. Thoughtful approaches to every aspect of the process means their work is quality. I actually just caught myself mid day dream wishing I could take an “eat me”  treat from Alice in Wonderland that would shrink me so I could crawl around their brains for just a brief interim and take some of their essence and apply it to my script writing (attempting!) …

So back to the episode. I wanted to focus on just one small but impressive element. I have always thoroughly enjoyed Amanda Peet. She is a visual delight and I freaking love what she brings to the screen. Yaaaaaaas girl crush. Somewhat underrated and incredibly grounded and earthy. Just a dream! I particularly wanted to mention her nonverbal acting. I found her facial expressions and body language to speak volumes in her interactions between Tina and Alex. She does this effortlessly. Everyone is engaged, connecting and empathising. The delicate balance of not saying much – as the saying goes it was written all over her face. I found this super powerful and captured beautifully and succinctly.  Very moving. Not to mention how hot her outfit was and how scrumptious she looked in it!? Really enjoying the top skirt combo that looks like a dress from a distance. Great work wardrobe/style team.

I am eagerly awaiting the next episode.

That is all.