…and I don’t mean bananas as in the fruit because I am not a big banana fan in general. Often they are too mushy and make me gag. I mean in the Gwen Stefani  – Hollaback Girl – this shit is bananas – b a n a n a s way. That’s the accompanying theme song that was playing in my head this morning  as I glanced with glee at my TV spreadsheet of air dates and saw Broad City was back this week.

This is what my Broad City loving barricade buddy walked into this morning. (Pictured above) (definition: barricade buddy – aka BCB – someone who sits/shares a work space with you – separated by a barrier/divide/barricade)  Why not get excited about the season return?!  We sure as hell are. So excited that my conitual screaming of YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS has confused people I work with.  (Yass happens to be a remote town in New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.)

I don’t know about you, but it seems like ions ago that Abbi and Ilana were gracing our screens. I watched a sneak peek this morning and immediately chuckled because every female has had the “which Sex and the City character are you most like?” chat.  What I would love to see amongst millennials  is a “are you more like Abbi or Ilana?”  conversation taking place. Let’s be honest, we all could do with a few more of these ladies injected into our lives. I feel that those of us who watch it definitely resonate with elements on them – we just love to see it colourfully portrayed in an uncensored, comedic fashion.

It seems apparent that more and more Broad City-isms are creeping into our daily lives. I also feel it has removed any filter I ever had from sharing too much with my barricade buddy. Like the fact that I may be developing some form of RSI from chronic mast…..Hold up.  Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nelly. Let’s rein that shit in.

I have blogged before about the educational benefits of this show – such as expanding my vocab and understanding of terms like ‘pegging’  and ‘natures pocket’ . We have even gone as far as me creating a Trey and Shamu cut out for office frivolity.  (see above photo) . That was definitely a stand out scene for all of us who watch the show.

I am literally about to pop like an overpoweringly flavoured  Pringle. There are these huge lulls in my TV  viewing schedule then suddenly it’s Boom –  Walking Dead, Girls, Scandal, Suits, Broad City. Last week I had social events which caused serious repercussions to my TV viewing and reviewing schedule. I have resolved this morning during meditation to reset this week and make a stronger commitment to viewing. #Goals

The best thing about Broad City is its bite size comedy. I call it the Broad City Benefits. I have that 30 mins slot f allocated time and can still manage to deal with emails from the northern hemisphere offices who still haven’t quite worked out time zones from work, have a bath and do some yoga and perhaps even squish in The Walking  Dead. OR depending on mood, manage eating multiple binge worthy products. Usually I watch Broad City after The Walking Dead for that much needed comic relief and quirkiness we crave post the zombie apocalypse and collapse of the human race.

I look forward to the quirky and odd adventures we go on with Abbi and Ilana this season.

I just passed my colleague in the corridor (my BCB) who desperately expressed  “IS IT TIME YET?”  soon, soon my barricade buddy.  She is normally so very patient.

In the meantime  I am going to sing hollaback girl in honor of Abbi  and Ilana accompanied by some weird, off beat cheerleader moves and some bitchin’ harajuki make up.


This season premiere is going to be bananas. FOR REALS.