There is a lot we could unpack and workshop after that explosive episode but I am leaving that to the other recap experts out there.

What I  wanted to focus on was an emotional aspect of the show, in particular, the mindfulness shown by Mike Ross towards Rachel during the “doing the dishes” kitchen scene. This moment really lingered for me and propelled me to want to write about it but …

Before we get into it, what do I mean by this term ‘mindful’ ? It gets thrown about these days in practices that are more spiritually inclined. It does seem to be a current buzz word and a lot of people are on so many different wagons when it comes to health and well being it can be hard to know what people mean when they use these words.  Amidst the many definitions floating out there, I would best sum it up to mean an awareness of the present moment. Being present and tuned into the NOW. In this particular example with reference to Mike this article helps articulate a mindful gentleman.  side note  – Elephant Journal is a great website for thoughtful articles)

The mindfulness displayed by Mike Ross is in response to the day that Rachel has had which looks like this = Gibbs targets Rachel in a big way. She tries to make a deal with her which is angled to pull at those heart strings and throws her into difficult decision land; hand over the people responsible and Mike receives the opportunity to practice law at Columbia University. Refuse and we continue to make life nightmarish.  Rachel then has a meeting  with the Dean who warns her that if Mike’s case doesn’t go away soon he will choose the university and its reputation over her… ouch. Talk about a shitty, stressful day.

Now, I don’t know about you but I probably wouldn’t head home and take my rage and emotional roller coaster out by doing domestic chores like dishes. Mine would probably entail some heavy metal, a trip down the chip/crisp aisle  perhaps collecting other junk foods for my binge in front of some shitty reality TV. However, different stress levels manifest in various ways. I have been known to completely rearrange my wardrobe and throw things out to charity and cleanse that way. You do what you gotta do Rachel! Maybe Rachel is a little bit more together than some of us…

Cut to: Mike coming home unaware of the traumatic day Rachel has had. He comes in, checks the mail and immediately senses something is off.  Round of applause Mike. Your observational powers were spot on. “You’re doing dishes. You hate doing dishes. What’s wrong?” or something to that effect. Rachel says she is “fine” but we all know she is not but we hate succumbing to it for fear of the tears that will ensue. (Rachel has such wonderful eye make up too – it would just bit a real pain if she wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara.)  Then, it is this moment where my heart was leaping around my chest.  Mike goes over, turns the tap off. What a simple gesture. Turning a tap off – be still my beating heart.

Here it is :


That scene is great. Powerful, simple and effective. Ladies, it should instill you with hope. Hope that men can be emotionally aware of what’s going on with you. Hope that Mike Ross types exist!? I read so many articles on male behaviours and it is confusing. Does he like me? Is he interested? Does he care? What did it mean when he did X? It just gets beyond mentally taxing. I think it’s pretty simple and so beautifully summed up on that scene. Men are all about actions. They are action oriented. If he isn’t doing the actions chances are he isn’t interested. To me that scene made my heart soften and my eyes water. It really is the little things. I think sometimes scenes like that resonate because it provides a platform for clarity about what really matters to you. It articulates it better than words. I want a man who can have the emotional maturity to sense when I am upset, have the strength to confront me, talk to me about and diffuse the situation.

Let’s raise the bar (ha ha) and look for men who will turn off taps! Or at the very least – can show you they love you with their words and actions aligning.

Yup, ladies, I am manifesting a Mike Ross. I have been this whole time and didn’t even know it until I saw it last night and you should be too!