I love how YouTube “suggests” videos that I should look at based on my viewing history. I take comfort in knowing that at the very least, technology takes an interest in me. Normally, it gets it rather wrong and I end up clicking on some random metal band from Scandinavia that isn’t quite my style…but not this time.

This time it struck gold. Halle – fucking – lujah !

This year I found myself embarking on a very personal and solo journey of learning some hard lessons, facing them and sitting with the myriad of emotions that ensued. I would liken it to more of a hibernation period. I’ve always liked bears and they seem to have a pretty good set up.

Popping my head out of my cave,  I needed a bit of hand holding and I certainly have found someone I resonate with to help me with this.

Today was no exception to needing some guidance.

Confronted with another disappointing experience/outcome I decided not to wallow today. I decided to take my power back, listen to Amy and realise some hard truths – why would I settle for flakey, dickhead behaviour. Words and actions aligning seems like a myth!

The behaviour of men baffles me at this current juncture in my life. Let’s not stereotype too much, people in general can cause me great mental confusion. Throw in some technology into the mix and I feel it justifies my diet coke addiction.

On a side note, last night I let myself out of my cave and went to a concert. Alone. I was totally fine. However, there was all new fancy technology called PatronScan – scanning id’s and then more disturbingly, a sound mixer on an ipad. There was no mixing table?!

I digress.

Amy has a series of videos about relationships, dating, self esteem that is presented in a very honest, amusing and uplifting manner.

She has a wonderful “Monday Mantra” that won’t take up more than 5 mins of your time and they are all reminders we need. Like all the freaking time.

I would like to share one of these with you today that I needed to hear. I won’t lie, I am listening to it over and over until my brain is rewired. I could be here a while. Luckily Diet Coke is supplied readily and freely at my work place.


With the barrage of information out there on all things love – it is certainly overwhelming to wade through and know what’s what.

Amy is your everyday girl drawing on personal experience but not filtering it.  If anything, she wants to empower you  – like so many great blogs out there for women do.

We deserve more than emoticon responses. We deserve more than breadcrumbs. We need to believe that we deserve more.

I deserve more…right?


now to believe it…

Do yourself the biggest favour and check her out on various social media here… I promise you will giggle, you will relate and hopefully we can use this to become our best selves x

oh and she’s a total babette too yeah!