I found myself cringing and recoiling whilst watching Noah.  I witnessed a new sense of seething rise within me as the episode unraveled.

The episode aroused levels of revulsion as good character writing so often will and what better setting than an elaborate party to set the stage for a character demise.

I won’t lie, he’s definitely my least favourite TV protagonist at the moment. He’s no Kevin Garvey!

Noah seems to emotionally deteriorate each episode.Perhaps it was the display of degenerate behaviour that echoed to past encounters with males throughout the lives of my friends and myself. It certainly made me feel icky.

It just all felt so uncomfortably familiar.

The shady behaviour, the disrespect, the lying, the unreliability, the drugs, the excessiveness of everything, the lust, the desire. It just made me think of all the complete assholery that goes on in the world.

Noah Solloway is the reason why so many female self help blog sites around relationships exist. He is a giant red flag himself!  I mean let’s take a quick glance at this psychology today article and apply it to Noah I’ve taken the top 3 …

  1. Lack of communication. Oh, hey Noah your pregnant wife is calling. Repeatedly. Pick up the fucking phone. Or you know, care a little bit more about being able to find it rather than being distracted by your overly energetic, career absorbed publicist. It’s not that hard… but apparently it seems to be an ever growing problem these days.
  2. Irresponsible, immature, and unpredictable. ‘Bad boy of the literary world’ indeed – if you are 17 and think that’s a fitting title by respected novelists to label you – then go your hardest Noah! Acting out is never attractive. Dad of the year …not.  Let’s do cocaine and alcohol to absolute excess and then accidentally find yourself in a pool with your teenage daughter  watching her during an experimental hook up with a girl . It doesn’t get any more messed up than that. Leading by example at its best.
  3. Lack of trust.Noah cannot be honest with himself at also how could be possibly display this and trust to others. He is so easily swayed. His actions and his words don’t align and his behaviour with Helen is now repeating itself with Alison. I remember being told once that what a man does to you he will repeat and do to the next female and so on and so on.

I mean you know what is sexy as fuck? Men that don’t waste your time and display none of these traits. No one likes douchbaggery exhibited quite like this. No one.

Having studied dramatic theory I get it. The protagonist has a calling/life event.  They have obstacles and hurdles, lose it all, have the collapse followed by moment of self truth and discovery in order to rebuild and triumph.

I suppose Noah crying in the car was a breakthrough… I am not convinced that the remorse is for anyone other than himself and that’s what fills me with disbelief that he cannot and will not change for better. Alison certainly has him for worse.

Props to Alison though who clearly after giving birth jumped on some great blogs on ‘what to do with your emotionally unavailable husband’ sites.  Noah finally turns up and when asked if she wants him to come in she says “not yet”.  That’s right. Wait your god damn turn. Being accountable would be such a  wonderful thing for Noah to get. Actually, it would be awesome if everyone could just be accountable and responsible for their own actions. A universal shift is required!

One can only hope.

If I was Alison I would get into Parkway Drive and Justin Timberlake and let Noah cry some more and scream at the top of my lungs for a cathartic release only – “CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER BITCH” . I would love to know her current music playlist. I feel it would definitely help her workshop through the hurricane that is Noah himself.

de fucking plorable!