images.jpg Playing TV catch up seems to be a recurring theme in my life at the moment. I am however making good progress and completed the first season of  “You’re the Worst” in a relatively quick turn around time so I can jump into the currently airing season 2. I recently picked up an old issue of Vogue  where I sighted an article claiming that “ You’re the Worst is the best thing you’re not watching”.  It was on my radar but I am often apprehensive about romantic comedies in this format. I was swiftly compelled to see if this statement was true. I am here to report, albeit briefly, that I was thoroughly delighted. I concur with all of the views expressed in the article above. It’s a distorted depiction of modern romance and delves right into the surrounding issues that come with it. From hook up culture to navigating what exactly the rules are now to dining at a communal table – this show  definitely explores and tackles these themes in a witty and dry manner. The unfolding of the unlikely relationship between Jimmy and Gretchen is incredulous. It’s sarcastically satisfying. Perhaps the overarching theme that has me hooked is that underneath all the cynicism, awkward interactions and misguided intentions it really does, at its heart, have a romantic hopefulness about it.  Despite the chaos they do in fact seem to fit together. The writers seem to want us to believe that being your sloppy, disdainful self can lead to happiness. I dare say though that the hidden gem of this show is Chris Geere who plays Jimmy. He’s British and he immediately made me blush. There is something about that bumbling, fumbling British accent. Oh yeah and he looks OK too. He is a writer and so very clearly lives in his head with many thoughts bouncing about it’s hard to keep up unless your synapses were in synch with his. He always uses far too many words than is necessary to convey his message per sentence,but I love words and language so his wordy rants float my boat! Undoubtedly the writing for his character is sharp and sour all at once. The perfect blend. Wit is an incredibly attractive trait (at least for me) and there is no shortage of this spurted from the lips of Jimmy. Over time we see a softer side to Jimmy where on occasion he does let his emotions seep out. There is a multitude of these Jimmy gems but I am going to refrain and just put one here for those of you yet to experience this show. Perhaps it really is possible to find romance is a seemingly impossible landscape?  Especially if these two can.images (1).jpg