Some of the best stories every told are by unreliable and unhinged narrators. Think Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump who sees everything in a more simplistic and positive light. Edward Norton and his narration in Fight Club where we see his mental health escalate. Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind who remembers things incorrectly. These types of stories fascinate me. There’s something intriguing about how people remember stories and how differently each version of the same situation can be. It asks the question – who is anyone to question someone else’s truth? If that is your reality who has the right to say differently. The Affair, another great show that I am currently watching, is exploring this very topic . It stresses ” there are two sides to every story.”
Mr Robot is one of the best TV shows that I have seen in a while. The soundtrack is killer and edgy. A lot like nine inch nails. It’s angsty and unsettling. It’s nearly anxiety inducing. The acting performances hit it perfectly. A lovely revisit to Christian Slater. One word – underrated. Always a big fan and let’s not forget my crush on him as Will Scarlett in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves! Martin Wallstrom as Tyrell is fucking insane in a good way. Elements of his character remind me of Patrick Bateman. A truly disturbed man. The writing is supreme. Great writing can misdirect you and this show certainly takes the viewer on a wild ride.
There’s a lot of complexities with the main character Elliot. His introverted personality means he is often having internal dialogues with himself. This show has created the platform where we get to peer into the world of an introvert either by voice over or by his relationship of the camera.
Breaking the fourth wall is a very cool technique if implemented correctly. It’s term that emerged out of the performing arts and theater area. There would be three physically walls and one imaginary wall being the fourth wall. This wall separates the world of the characters and the audience. These days it means(thought it meant) the character/s become aware of their fictional nature.
I’ve read a lot of reviews about whether Mr Robot actually does indeed break he fourth wall. This largely depends on how you interpret this device and how it is used. I would say it does as he has firmly established a relationship with the viewer. He is not talking to anyone else but it is tricky because if we are deemed to be a figment of his imagination then it would lean to exposing the severity of his mental health as opposed to a technique used by the show. If he has no awareness we have nothing concrete to go off. Similar to that of House of Cards the main characters never really confirm that they area aware they are a character. It has left me thinking about the technicalities of the term.
All I know is that the element of a narrator that has little to no grip on reality or self awareness makes for thrilling tv/movies.