With this current season of Homeland I have been eagerly awaiting for Quinn and Carrie to collide. We all know that unfinished business and unrequited love elements will sustain and maintain female viewership. I have been wondering how it will happen and in what capacity, what threats will surround them or even how explosive the thrown down sex will be. (Look let’s be honest… we are all yearning for it)

With the episode ending in Quinn receiving and order I was incredibly intrigued – yay writing team – bring on the high stakes drama. My thought pattern went like this -is that a joke, surely it can’t be Saul, could it be Saul, god Saul really is an asshole, can we really know anyone, No… Quinn can’t do this, Quinn and Carrie have that unspeakable bond, Quinn is pretty callous though and a complete trained assassin, he could do it, would he do it, just because he can doesn’t mean he will, Carrie will figure it out, won’t see, is this a big plan to get Carrie back on team CIA well thought out by Saul. Then I took a breath and topped up my diet coke glass. Oh my.

What is so refreshing about this series is that this dance between Carrie and Quinn doesn’t unfold with any predictability – I think the audience really don’t know what course of action either character will do.

The episode revolves a lot around the varying emotions experienced by Carrie during this discovery. I felt we were right there with Carrie in suspended disbelief about what was happening. Trying to digest why a mentor for so many years would be doing this. ( Funny how tv shows can often parallel your life as a little side note – people you think you know can you completely do a 180 U turn, their behaviour can baffle you and it is a really hard thing to grasp)

The other character development and insight is seeing just how far gone Quinn is. His time in Syria has completely hardened him. He seems almost robotic in thought and action. He takes order, he carries them out he resets and repeats. Even if things play out in a more fabourable light between Carrie and him – I think they both walk down too many dark paths to ever come back. Can you change your inherent wiring?

Only the next few episodes know!