During this difficult time of mourning Hannibal’s cancellation, I am taking solace in admiring Will Graham’s wardrobe.  Sure, to some of you he may just be another character to add to my long list of TV crushes (Jax Teller, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Richard Hendricks etc) but let’s face it, he’s the best dressed out of this group. He always looks like he’s stepped off a Ralph Lauren fishing/hunting fashion shoot.

Let’s just give a massive shout out to the wardrobe department of Hannibal. There’s a lot of them in this fashionable team and yes Hannibal and his tartan suits have captured interest and rightly so, but it is Will Graham that I find to be the most delightfully dressed on set especially in his winter woollies. I know that there has been quite a few articles out there about the costume/style team of this show and I too feel compelled to show appreciation.

I love winter and I often curse that I haven’t been brought up in a country with proper seasonal changes (Australia)  . I love winter fashion, rugging up in coats and jumpers  and I love how they style Will Graham. The clothes add to the mood and scene of the characters. Will is often seen in dark, earthy tones (greys,dark greens,army greens,black) Pattern and colour are arguably their own characters within the show. Don’t even get me started on the sensational curtains,tartans and deep reds throughout the whole series!

In last night’s episode there was a scene where Will was running down a hospital corridor but in my head he could of been on a catwalk for G STAR. I had to take a moment to remember what was going on in the show and felt somewhat guilty for having wandering thoughts about how hot he looked when instead I should of been concerned for his family.

…but I mean these are beautifully tailored, wool coats. It’s not just me that finds this look appealing – there are websites devoted to his amazing attire which you can view here:

tumblr_inline_n41kxdKdD91rvhtn6To leave you with a Red Dragon quote from last night’s episode – “Will Graham interests me.”

Well  I have to say to you Red Dragon that of course he does – he’s only the hottest criminal profiler out there. Take a ticket and wait your turn.