1379782769181087117*Warning True Detective Spoilers*

Bleak but poetic is how I would describe last night’s finale of True Detective.

(Before we get started into my random ramblings a quick aside – I want to take a moment to say how disappointed/bewildered I am at some reviews of this season circulating out there. It makes me feel like viewers/reviewers are so incapable of being flexible and adaptable to a new series, season and characters. I think that what the whole team on this season has done is brilliant and more evolved. I loved the first season of True Detective but this season is more political, explores different areas of darkness and scum and yes, it’s different. It’s different everyone…. Writers cannot recreate the same story arcs otherwise they’d be criticised for rehashing material … you can’t win sometimes as a writer! Events happen that don’t make sense – it’s one of life’s intricacies –  justice doesn’t always prevail, people that are meant to protect us betray us, powerful, negative emotions can motivate people to do all sorts of heinous acts … you get where I am going with this – and so did Nic Pizzolatto. If season 2 and 1 were swapped around I wonder if we would be saying the same thing …good luck grizzle.)

I digress.

Right, well, I didn’t realise how invested I was in the remaining characters in True Detective until this final espisode. I came to this conclusion as I was gripping my diet coke so tightly I had a sharp pain run up my arm and neck. This was during the scene where Ani and Ray are running from the disastrous police shoot out at Anaheim transport station.

It was in that brief moment where I loosened my grip, took a sip and relaxed my shoulders, that I found myself desperate for them to solve the crime, to be safe, to expose all the corruption – and then  I knew on some level, where things were heading. Most viewers would of experienced this wanting so intensely which only reinforced my thoughts on where the story line was heading. Plus the accompanying music used was drenched with impending doom!

What I liked most from this episode were the character revelations. It resonated with me where they ended their story – out in nature, in the elements; forest, desert and sea.

We see Frank’s fate end in the desert. Wounded and left to bleed out like an animal, he hobbles along the isolated landscape taunted by all his past demons like his father. I liked the fact that he keeps walking, ignoring, moving past it even in his last moments. To me that is the essence of Frank’s nature to me – tenacious and enduring. He wanted to be more than his socioeconomic background and upbringing and he maintained those thoughts until the end where he took solace in a vision of Jordan, his true point of comfort.

Ray’s story was probably the most heart wrenching for me – with  the paternity test  and the failed voice message to his son  and then his father watching it unfold on tv impacted me. His innate paternal drive resulted in him taking one last detour just to see if Chad was ok, and who could blame a father for doing that? Unfortunately it resulted in him being traced and then to a formidable shoot out in beautiful redwood forest area.(I took comfort in the fact that Ray’s final message was more for him to be at peace with everything. As devastating as it was for it not to be uploaded – it was more freeing in some respects for his soul and grief.

And as for Ani “it’s your story now” Bezzarides … well… that quiet strength continues to prevail as she relays the details and hands evidence over to a journalist. Perhaps with a more softened heart towards men, given her recent rendezvous with Ray, she makes a  note to emphasise to the journalist  that it is for Ray’s son’s (yes that’s right plural!)  to clear his name so they can live without the events casting a shadow over them. The scene where she is on the boat looking at the water churning up mirrored her emotions welling up in her – facing the reality of it all. The ocean is often associated with washing it all away …let’s hope with time her and Jordan can do so with the events that transpired.

I leave you with some wise words from Frank which I think sums up the other character’s nicely too… (Vince Vaughn should be nominated for this role – what a great character portrayal)