*Warning True Detective spoilers*

Well there you have it. Just a random brain dump is what we will call this.

Wave goodbye Woodrugh.

Not rock salt rounds this time, the real deal.  I have my suspicions that the bird masked man who attacked Velcoro is the same person who shot Woodrugh… Lieutenant Burris. The internet is full of theories and this one is definitely popping up more and more after this episode. I guess we will find out next week…or not as the case often is!?

In my opinion, the best episode to date – full of darkness, momentum, wonderful camera  transitions and sadly the death of Paul Woodrugh, who I found the most troubled and the most intriguing out of the group. Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall during his counselling sessions? (or maybe just the shower!?)

On some level I knew things were going to end in a dire manner thanks to the scene where he was being watched when researching and retrieving information.

Struggling with his inability to confront and tackle his sexuality throughout the season, we finally saw it ultimately lead to his death.  I am not sure if it was intentional, but the metaphor of him being stuck in the darkness in a tunnel and fighting his way through it seemed relevant. You can fight and fight and fight but wherever you go, there you are.

The things we try to hide so fiercely can often undo us, they manifest and take over in negative ways and in this case, his mission to keep his secret and salvage photos of him with another man lead him to his death.

I  thought he would make it out of that tunnel and out of the darkness and have a moment of clarity, reveling in the idea that it would be safe to tell everyone and the world who he was after surviving such an experience…but it wasn’t to be. He nearly got there through a vague phone call to Velcoro … I loved this episode because not everyone triumphs with their demons, not everyone can express them, people suffer silently all the time not knowing how or who to turn to. Fear keeps them where they are. The power of fear is phenomenal and in some ways, its own character in the show.

I just have so many questions… but I like that we don’t get it on a platter and that it requires that concept called as thinking and not ‘let’s explain the plot in a linear fashion so that everyone is 100% clear on what happened’  – because people and life and situations are NOT like this. They are convoluted, dynamic and ever changing. Sometimes you don’t get the answers, understand why or the motives, sometimes it just is.

Woodrugh seemed to be making a lot of progress in terms of putting the pieces together for the group.  I thought perhaps he was targeted or punished because he was making the most headway and so he had to be taken out.

There is a lot more to cover , I mean I haven’t even touched on the other characters.

It’s dark and getting darker. Looking forward to the finale.