*warning – spoilers*

I never really had any negative connotations towards unicorns, in fact you may say it has been quite  the opposite for me for many years. I find (found) they evoke a wonderfully “gay” and happy vibe, an icon for all things silly and frivolous in pop media. They remind(ed) me of my childhood which was geared towards the world of care bears and the extensive collection of my little pony toys.

That was of course until we saw Ani in a drug induced haze having flashbacks to a somewhat disturbing childhood moment. In just one scene we see a creepy, Charles Manson-esque man (?!) utter these fanciful words …

You’re the prettiest girl I’ve even seen… I heard there’s a unicorn in those woods, want to go out and look for it.?

No one wants to look for anyone’s unicorn in any woods, forest, bush or other forms of shrubbery EVER at such a young age.

To be honest, I am not even sure if Jared Leto said it to me when  he was sporting a very similar look to captain creepy pants in this episode that I would willingly waltz into the forest.

That’s the level of distress True 068135-7eb9f35c-c134-11e4-83e4-6c2c60814a51Detective created with this flashback scene.
And just like that we have immediate insight into Ani.

We see how it has manifested and how it is inherently a part of who she is. She still carries it around – not even a physical vomit will rid it from her system nor her mind.

That’s what I love about True Detective – it’s always dark, that’s a given. It’s how the darkness is crafted that is the brilliance of the show.

What a wonderfully haunting way to expose a character’s memory. Just like American Horror story they get right in there and it terrifies you – it lingers so that images that once made you smile now completely ruin you.