54ac0f363855b_-_elle-01-sex-and-the-citySex and the City may have finished but the cowardly and painful ways that people choose to deliver information to those they “care” sadly keeps happening in more and more distressing ways.Nowadays with technology people don’t ever have to face up or take accountability for their behaviours. They can hide behind texting,emailing – there are numerous technological barriers at their disposal.

I remember this episode and how it temporarily ruined my love for stationery … I also remember empathising in my early 20s with Carrie being so extremely infuriated by  Berger’s lack of ownership. I think most people have had an experience where they were disrespected by some appalling actions of someone who we never thought could do that to us…it takes a long time to heal from that type of ending.

I saw this episode on the weekend being replayed and then today saw a girl on the bus crying because her boyfriend broke up with her on text and was relaying the story through gasps and sniffles to someone on the phone.  ” I don’t understand we were planning a trip to Europe” .I  don’t think that was a coincidence! It just made me so sad – this beautiful,young blonde beauty balling her eyes out over some emotional unavailable man. It just doesn’t seem fair – and yet it happens all the time.  They just flick a switch, do a U-turn, change their minds. For whatever reason, people can’t own their stuff. It’s sad, it hurts and it sux. What I didn’t know back then is that it has NOTHING to do with you. It really isn’t personal and when it hurts like hell you can’t even comprehend those words but over time I know this to be true.

I had a virtual post it note of this nature earlier this year and I have to say I did and felt what Carrie did 100%.

The joys of emotionally unavailable men – and in case you don’t know this term… (Emotionally unavailable men are disconnected from their actions which are in contradiction with their words, and their inability to connect in an emotionally healthy manner means that they can’t be into you in a healthy way.)

Back to the bus – being an assistant I always have post its with me. I decided to change this painful post it note situation by writing down this and giving it to her… “check out this website – baggage reclaim

I leave you with some words from this great site…

If he’s just not that into you, you shouldn’t be into him.