Dashing? Strapping? Smouldering? Mesmerising? Puzzling? You get the drift.

Who wouldn’t find a rugged American man in Victorian England interesting at the very least?

Enter Ethan Chandler.

The mysterious sharp shooter certainly makes the ladies swoon. And why wouldn’t they when he is so courteous towards them?  If only we could have a little bit more of Ethan Chandler traits present throughout the current mix of men!

With his seemingly reserved manner, sometimes coming across as abrupt, it definitely rouses the curiosity of most ladies he encounters and makes men cautious… and with good reason.

He is by far the character that equally intrigues me and frustrates me. I haven’t worked him out and I know we are not meant to thus far. It is inevitable that he will soon come to realise the full extent of his condition and all the horror that entails. It must be so hard for someone so reserved and controlled to then realise they have the capacity to become extremely wild and violent. I suppose it would be like having a dissociative disorder. I look forward to this unfolding this season.

Not one to reveal much about his past, Ethan is ever calculated in how he responds and what he will discuss. So what do we know about him? He spent a large portion of his time with Native Americans in the U.S.  Doing what exactly, no one knows. I would like to think on some level that the Native Americans, who were so in tune with spirit guides and totem animals, would look after or nurture a wolf pup such as Ethan regardless of the disturbing factor. Unfortunately I suspect he was used as a killing machine to massacre them or something so abhorrent he has suppressed it. The last episode definitely suggested that when discussing the siege.

Perhaps he is the equivalent of an emotionally unavailable man or perhaps he is just displaced and misunderstood!

On any note, I’ve always loved dogs, wolves and had a natural pull towards all night creatures…

This has no relevance whatsoever but just funny (in my head) I have always loved sweep from the sooty show(no surprises he is a dog and a puppet) but I remember seeing Josh Hartnett years ago when he first came to my knowledge and I believe there is a similarity – something about a sweet face. I don’t know… just one of those things!