James Hetfield and Metallica are not responsible on this occasion but I think my music choice and decibel decisions are becoming detrimental and it actually could be classed as problematic. A new form of RSI – repetitive sound injury perhaps is what I am inflicting on myself but I like it? Nothing seems to be loud enough anymore .I look at my iPhone in disbelief  “What?? I am at maximum volume???”  This problem has seen me research and seek out so much knowledge on quality headphones in any down time at work. The eternal quest for the best sound for my eclectic music tastes. I am even looking at the sound reduction ones so that I can avoid those looks on public transport, you know the ones.

When I am really into a song, I often go through obsessive phases and then I hone in on a particular solo or riff. I just listen over and over and over and then they just fall off my playlist and new ones pop in. I can’t explain this process.

So today the following tunes are causing me to have tinnitus on a Tuesday…

A bit of Bring me the Horizon.

” I’m sorry, love. It’s not enough.” – well that just sums things up nicely!

NIN well they are just eternally there. I was there for this gig all those years ago ..being squashed up against barricades…Trent at his worst/best depending on who you talk to…just an angry, sad tour, just adds to the meaning of this song. No you don’t and Even Deeper.

The Cure. The Crow. The guitar at 3:08 – 4:12. I never get sick of it. My favourite scene of him running across the roof tops… sigh. Burn.

Mix up your music x