And so the war continues on poor Miss Vanessa Ives.
Riveting episode of Penny Dreadful!
I rarely get spooked watching the show as it leans towards my general fascination for all things and creatures of the night however, those dolls that Evelyn has created in order to carry out her evil wishes are so creepy.
What is it about dolls and wax figures that just creep so many of us out? The likeness is so disturbing.
Vanessa calls them ‘ fetishes’  which is the same for voodoo doll.  It was certainly unpleasant watching Evelyn dismantle and crack the brain of Sir Malcolm’s wife.
Fear of dolls is real and it is called Pediophobia. I certainly wouldn’t go as far as to say that I have a phobia, just that I don’t like their presence around me.

  “Like any other phobia, Pediophobia is also possibly triggered by an intensely negative or traumatic incident in one’s past/childhood that is remotely connected to dolls. The young mind then forever associates dolls with the trauma and recalls the negative feelings experienced then. Dolls have fixed staring eyes. Some dolls also have button eyes that appear “soulless pools devoid of any emotion akin to those of a corpse”. This can make younger children especially afraid of them” –

I think I can pin point the traumatic incident in my childhood that causes me to react so during last nights episode of Penny Dreadful. Ah remember Chucky?Childs Play? Yes these movies were out when I was young and they, along with Nightmare on Elm street , were probably the first horror movies I recall. This was frightening to me as a child because I actually believed some of my toys could turn – yes a genuine dear. Look at it.

In some ways I should be comforted that the actual showing of the doll on the screen was minimal –  let’s just hope it stays like that.

My only respite throughout that episode was that Ethan and Vanessa had a “moment”  or a missed moment perhaps. No more scary dolls, more Josh Hartnett.

If they are to be they will –  All in divine timing right? X