Yes hurry up Hannibal. I am beyond impatient now. I am not just hungry for its return I am ravenous!

I have genuinely missed Will Graham on my screen and walking around the darker parts of my mind.
I feel like I need to go back and watch the last few episodes to get back into the zone and get the momentum happening again.

I love the stylistic element of this trailer and in fact the entire show. The drab colours, the dark tones and shadows ooooh.

I am looking forward to the theme of observation vs participation. Bring it on Bedelia.
I felt some sense of relief watching this trailer as it is clear (?) who has survived and who has died. I know that some people on forms have been complaining about that but take note of Lawrence Fishburne ‘s comment “even if [viewers] know what’s coming, they don’t know what’s coming.”

4 days to go. Hurry up June 4.

That is all.