nullAh Scotland. I don’t understand why I was not born there. I mean I know that somewhere there is someone in my family tree that comes from Scotland but no one has adequate information. A lot of Australians do have heritage from England, Ireland , Scotland , Wales….SURPRISE! We were sent here after all…. I know all about my Irish heritage and it is wonderful and County Cork is beautiful and I blended in with my pale skin, freckles and mentally frizzy (curly) dark hair.

There is no rebuttal about it as you can see from this wonderfully old picture.2015-05-31 13.23.03

It’s just that my heart feels, my soul feels like it is at home in Scotland. When I visited the UK back in 2004 I did a big tour and I want to go back and do it again because I was not as aware and grateful as I should of been.

I have been sick the past few days – knocked our and washed up on drugs post migraine. My medication works but the aftermath is so unpleasant. I had to lay low because movement of any kind in any direction is not a good idea. I used this opportunity to settle into some long overdue tv. I try to keep up as much as possible but it seems to be a process now where I binge watch a series to keep up the momentum.

It’s winter here so I was rugged up in bed, feeling a bit sorry for myself, thus is the nature after a horrific head attack,had all my supplies of herbal tea etc lined up next to me.

I work in the realms of TV so is not unusual to hear about who is watching what and of course OUTLANDER has popped up several times by trusted sources – sources I knew watched great tv. They never let me down. Oh Outlander… the highlands, the lochs, I nearly cried in awe of Ben Nevis the day I visited. Australia is beautiful in a rugged kind of way don’t get me wrong it’s just not green enough for me. I think that’s why I love Oregon and Muir Woods that lush pine – tree – green colour really speaks to me or at the very least gives me fresh oxygen!


I must say I am going to be very sullen tomorrow when I have to go to work and the real world. I much prefer my Scottish romantic bubble filled with beautiful scenery and all the things that make my heart sing. Cold weather, beautiful tartans, castles, history, love stories…I still have a good afternoon viewing session to commit to but I will get the job done! I mean yes ,what a brilliant show – I am so behind on this one and I profusely apologise. I can’t make any commentary as it would be obsolete and not current but I mean Sam Heughan is like a reddy brown haired Jax Teller is he not? Jamie Fraser may not have guns,drugs and motorbikes but he does have swords, potions and horses – but Jamie is probably a little more on healthy side of the spectrum than Jax. A welcomed replacement you are Jamie Fraser! Time to get over all the Jax Teller’s …nothing but trouble and pain!(again just a note  – you don’t replace Richard Hendricks from Silicon Valley) but…you certainly embody things that make females weak at the knees!

It just made me fall more in love with Scotland and this intense calling of me to go back there. I know by now that we should listen to such intuitive callings…

So to answer a few of the general comments hurled at an Aussie.

1) Oh you’d hate the cold

Well no I love cold weather, in fact I love winds that are icy and blowing right through me. Blowing all those crappy thoughts out of my head. I love winter clothes and yes I understand it can be bitterly cold. I would cope. The thing is I don’t love hot weather – I feel better in cold.

2) You’d miss the Australian lifestyle and the beach

Um.. maybe, I love the ocean but Scotland has a beautiful coastline…. look at this place. High on my list is a place called Ardnamurchan. So yes, Scotland does have ocean and beaches. Go on google it!  Don’t even get me started on my Hebrides Islands desires and Ewan McGregor commentating about it …


3) What about your swimming and surfing (floating I refer to it these days as my ability to surf has become abysmal)   

Well people actually surf in Scotland – sure they need about 40 wetsuits to do so but we all know heavy duty wetsuits exists with the hoods and the booties. I mean really what type of a surfer are you if you don’t know about the northern parts of scotland and its gigantic waves. Far too big for someone like me but for those of you who don’t know they get Atlantic and North Sea Swells… and then there is place called Thurso…

Even if I didn’t surf – I do need to be near blue and green things – ocean and trees x.

Somewhere like this would do the trick I think…just wonderfully green and rugged!

null…or failing that this would also do…Just your average castle…


Anyway. I love you Scotland. I hope to see you soon xxx