In Taylor we trust.

Move over Tyler Durden, Taylor swift  is stealing that slogan!

Now before we start Katy Perry is FOREVER. Britney Spears is canonised in my pop world.

Ever had one of those days where you can’t really tell people who you feel but music just captures it ? I can’t explain why “Bad Blood” is resonating but it is. Pretty simple and to the point – it is what it is. Simple lyrics. I like both versions. Obviously a female empowerment video always helps.

I am learning to appreciate Taylor, she wears her heart on her sleeve and in a spectacularly public way. That can’t be easy – it’s not easy under any circumstances and she can’t really just kill her social media profiles off now can she? They can’t escape it at all and that would be hard. Media is relentless. It’s hard for everyone who goes through anything under the media limelight. Yet watch our pop women rise, roar, carry on and hold their heads high.  We fall down sometimes and we get back up. Whoop.

I think that those who have ever suffered a similar emotional bullethole need to arm themselves with the following and ditch the bandaids…(if only Taylor knew about that post Jake… Oh Trouble trouble what a clip… and so heartbreaking)

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So sing out loud and have a cathartic release – I am! x

” you made a reaaaaaaaaallly big cutttttt ”