I finally had time to catch up on some tv… so warning spoilers below.

This isn’t much of a commentary more a brain dump and random waffle.

Really Olivia? Fitz. You chose Fitz over Jake? The agony of choice.

After some processing time I get the decision Liv, I totally get it and yet I am still on team Jake. My reason for this? So, so simple.

He actually told her that he loved her and his actions met his words. Then the kicker – he let her go.

I learnt two new things about myself tonight…
1)I think I am without a doubt a romanitc. I have tried to tell myself for years it’s just my english lit overflowing or romanticism in art however I cannot keep up that facade! HELP.
2)I am more private than I thought about *that* type of behaviour  so If anyone was going to romantically scoop me up – I would prefer it not to be on the balcony of the Whitehouse…but then again in the throes of passion…

Is it any wonder women are perplexed about men? I am constantly split these days to the point where I don’t even know anymore what I honesty think about relationships. I’m hoping it will all just flow. The delusion is perpetuated by these tv shows. The only problem is, we can’t stop, won’t stop watching. It’s great tv escapsim at it’s best. It plays into all those ideas of true loving conquering all, the course of true love not running smoothly, persist and eventually things will work out right, if it’s meant to be it will be, he will fight for you (if you are lucky 2 of them will fight for you/over you)etc, etc.

I would of stayed on that island …or found a way to get back there.

(I’d also like to still point out that my current fictional tv crush from Silicon Valley – Richard Hendricks still remains)

Anyway… the below is just ANOTHER reason to be on team Jake. Swoon. Dogs and men – what is that about? XXX Bless assistance dogs – truly wonderful animals and causes.

and #iheartmydog and miss her x