Oh flying V guitars make my knees weak. I can’t really pinpoint the reason why I like the music I do. It is so varied and some days I can’t listen to heavy stuff other days I can’t get enough. This week has been one of those weeks where I am listening to songs on repeat rather obsessively. Sometimes I miss my old cassette mixed tapes of all my favourite guitar solos squashed onto one tape. I spent hours making them trying to ensure that I only got the solo. I also think that perhaps on discovering that Darkest Hour were playing one of their albums, Undoing Ruin, in its entirety and the fact that I won’t see it has compelled me to listen to them on constant rotation this week. I have been revisiting a bit of my older stuff I guess. I have tried many times to get good at guitar but IIMG_0046 only have the skill set of a rhythm guitarist and not a lead guitarist. Oh well I like to dream! I have to concentrate really,really hard it is like horizontal maths to me learn tabs.

So here’s what I can’t get enough of at least in the last week. Do yourself a favour and explore some other bands…

The Ghost Inside all this week but in particular…

Of course my favourites Darkest Hour – seriously the guitar – words are rendered useless when it comes to their guitar abilities – blows my mind ( see 2:17mins onwards)

I miss these guys – old I Killed the Prom Queen – sigh those were the days

GOD DAMN these guys – Comeback kid  xxxx

melodic metal xxx you have my heart