A few of you asked me what I’m really like? What do you mean – doesn’t my writing speak for itself ha! Despite words… you know what pictures do…

I will answer the questions below too !

I think this photo might explain who I am at my true core. My inner being…just to clarify things.

Here I am in Oregon trying to work out a function on my camera. It was so cold. Obviously it took me a while to work it out.

I think that expression captures my essence rather well!

2015-01-01 11.11.13

But, this is where I belong. Oh take me back to Oregon.

This is where I belong – trees,ocean, greens and blues … Investigating cliff tops xxx

  • 2014-12-29 04.27.33Who is your hero? …anyone who stands in their own truth
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be? somewhere near the ocean, and pine trees that also gets snow!?
  • What is your biggest fear? not seeing all the world 
  • What makes you laugh the most? just being silly in general
  • What was the last movie you saw? Stoker – and it was messed up, my fave kind 😉
  • What does your child want to be when he/she grows up? well I don’t have one…yet but they will be whatever they want!
  • Who is your favourite author? Just one? Hubert Selby Jr, Bret Easton Ellis
  • Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why? Alaska
  • Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island? Probably my cousin or Jared Leto…
  • How would your friends describe you?  Silly, Sensitive, Sassy, Smart!
  • Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without? mascara
  • List two pet peeves. 1) People whose actions and words don’t align 2) dishonesty
  • How many pairs of shoes do you own? not many – I hate shoes.
  • Have you ever had a secret admirer? Not that I know of so they are doing a good job at being secret
  • Are you a clean or messy person? such a variable… messy with food/serving clean with most everything else…
  • Do you love or hate rollercoasters? LOVE love love them
  • What is your favorite childhood memory? Going to Disneyland, Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon when I was 10
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love? …loved.
  •  Who knows you the best? my cousin and every pet I have had