I just wanted to share a little something…
Toilet Map you are real and you are wonderful!
“As part of the National Continence Program, the Toilet Map provides information on over 16,000 publicly available toilets across Australia, including accessibility, opening hours and facilities, such as showers & baby change.”

A national continence program!!!! I love my country. Who would of thought? Not me but this is a very real dream come true.

Without a doubt one of the best things I have stumbled across in a long time. Now I will always have the comfort of knowing where a toilet is at all times at least within my own country. The amount of anxiety this will ease is phenomenal. I will always stick to the motto my parents gave me – if you have to go you have to go.

We are humans with bodily functions that must take place. I can deal with the humiliation of strangers seeing my pale bottom exposed should I need to pee in an emergency moment and in a zone without a toilet.
If you know me or even read some of my previous blog posts you know that I have trouble with toilets and toilet behaviours in general. I am not ashamed to admit this in fact I embrace it.
You may snigger at those incontinence ads, or the light bladder leakage ads but it really does happen to a lot of females (and males) It doesn’t hurt to have a free sample tucked in your cosmetic bag ladies and the delightful POISE company offer this here
In all seriousness I will have to investigate this as I have some issues here as did my Mum and Nana (including some type of operation thingy – sorry for the mention) but there are ways and means to address this.
I feel that if you are ok with it then it helps eradicate how others react. On a few occasions I have actually had an accident. Yes sometimes it happens. I have long public transport journeys – sometimes I miscalculated my fluid to toilet ratio and timing sequence. Sometimes toilets are not working, sometimes sneezing and walking aggravates it – sometimes things just happen.

Will this help those of us who are incontinent? It depends ha ha ha!null