I have just come back from an Easter mini break with my wonderful cousin. We spent our time at Trinity Beach in Tropical North Queensland so we could explore the reef and rainforest delights up there. For those of you not familiar with Australia please do yourself a geographical favour and have a google. Yes it is a big country. I can now tick seeing one of the seven wonders of the natural world off my list.Hooray!

A few thoughts, musings and observations…

1) The Great Barrier Reef should probably be called The Excellent Barrier Reef in my opinion. I think of all the wonderful adjectives I know, I am a little concerned that they chose the word great over magnificent, fantastic, amazing etc.
2) I have become a walking fact book about the reef. Yes, one of those people. It is so big that it can be seen from the moon. People need to know these things. I am now am transfixed on posters like this …null
3) Sweating is going to happen and in huge quantities. You can forget about wearing make up and doing your hair – even applying sunscreen is worrisome due to the sweat just taking it off – giving it little to no chance to absorb. I was baffled that a lot of people get married up here. I understand the honeymoon aspect because the reef and the environmental surrounds are magical – but my advice would be wait until you get married in a cooler environment before your life partner sees you drenched in sweat and in your natural state of affairs. I certainly wouldn’t want sweaty wedding photos with my hair plastered to my face and my mascara running down my face. I can’t even imagine that it would be conducive to a romantic atmosphere because of all the sweat you would want people NOT to touch you.
4) Probably not ideal for the early stages of a relationship for all the reasons above
5) You will complain about the heat over and over and over and over and over and then some more. It just happens.
6) I definitely know my thresholds with humidity and heat now. I thought Florida was bad…
7) A balcony with ocean views, good company and a variety of beverages can relax anyone

8) You can’t relax in the water for a second with signs like this around null.We may as well just have signs that say ‘Welcome to Australia don’t touch anything or enjoy our environments as you may potentially die.’

9) Following on from the above point – stick to the hotel pool

10) I was worried about the batches of diet coke and whether they would be up to date and fresh – no need to worry they were pretty close to the latest expiration dates out here in Sydney. Remote towns they may be, but you are always pretty safe if it is a tourist destination.
11) You should probably wear proper footwear when walking given our wildlife that can sting and bite you – I did not do this and stuck to flip flops like any Australian would.
12) …No I didn’t find Nemo

This was a truly wonderful break and I encourage everyone to visit the Great Barrier Reef and surrounds.