This does bring with it an element of sadness. One more episode to go and no more Cougar Town. It seems that all I have done in recent times to cope with a lot of my favourite TV shows ending. Let me tell you – it definitely takes its toll. I will miss my short stints of comedic relief after a day at work. Cougar Town is definitely one of the more lighter shows in my TV viewing schedule that’s for sure!
For those of you who have never watched Cougar Town or are unfamiliar with this (shame on you – get up to speed here one of the ongoing themes that makes me chuckle is their title cards. It seems that the show has taken on quite a different evolution from its first inception. On first hearing of this name, you would assume on a basic level that it is about Jules Cobb played by Courtney Cox, dating younger men and the complications that entails. In May 2010, it was reported that the show’s producers were seriously considering a name change because the plot had strayed so far from the original idea and thus the show now pokes fun at this in their opening sequence. The title card is always different to reflect this…

I mean any show that makes fun of itself you have to give it credit!

Other reasons I love show this show is that it is genuinely funny. I mean pee yourself funny (yes sadly I have had a bit of pee escape from laughing so much during a session). For me to really love a comedy show you should know by now it has to make me laugh out loud. I certainly do this during Cougar Town. If you like Scrubs and that quirky sense of humour you will love this.
Without a doubt the highlight for me the ‘cul-de-sac crew’s’ obsession with red wine. Now, I don’t really drink alcohol, but you could insert any other addiction you have here (for me it’s diet coke) and you can immediately relate to this. One of the ongoing jokes is that Jules inevitably breaks her favourite wine glass at some point through the season. If you have an addiction to a food or beverage no doubt a ritual follows it. I like a glass bottle of diet coke that is usually only found at cafes, that is extremely overpriced, that is ice cold and is a current batch number so its expiry date is the furthest away. I also have a favourite glass for drinking it with. I think many of us can identify with this scene.

Perhapsnull one of the main themes we can learn from Cougar Town is to wholeheartedly embrace these addictions. Cougar town speaks the undeniably truth that resonates with so many of us. In some ways the show has nearly inspired me to take up red wine drinking or at the very least, start considering it alongside my diet coke addiction. May I remind you that a lot of good tv shows feature red wine, take Game of Thrones for example and Scandal haha! You may laugh but you know it’s true. No great stories really feature around salads now do they?

I am most definitely going to miss the snide, sarcastic and overtly mean comments made by Ellie. Ellie Torres is Jule’s next door neighbour and best friend. She is that character nullwe all wish we had a little bit of inside of us. Those people who have no filter – you know the ones. They just say what needs to be said no matter how hurtful,blunt or inappropriate. Very rarely we catch glimpses of Ellie’s softer side(?) which literally lasts only seconds and then she is right back to her scathing ways. Every episode is sprinkled with awful Ellie comments so that alone is entertaining/useful.


I would like to thank Cougar Town for coining the new meaning behind the world ‘jellybean’ as I now use this in my vocabulary regularly and much prefer this term to the term ‘bimbo’.I find this a more gentle approach and that I am not being too horrible. We all know a few jellybeans in our lives…

I gue2014-11-15 13.57.45ss if I have learnt anything from this show it’s that the only way I can cope with this Cougar Town concluding crisis is to drink in their a honour, litres of diet coke whilst watching the finale.

Cheers x