null*Warning – The Walking Dead spoilers*

Traumatised, distressed – pick a synonym any synonym along these lines and that will probably sum up how you are feeling after last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Perhaps a new fear of revolving doors has suddenly developed?
Firstly, I would like to address that my desensitisation levels have hit new thresholds. Just when I was thinking that I was super desensitised The Walking Dead team upped the ante. Last night suitably satisfied me in this realm. Let’s just say there was a reaction and that doesn’t happen to me very often. There were a few scenes that gave me that gore gratification and satisfaction we all need. The reactions to these scenes saw me go from laying down comfortably in my bed, to then sitting upright, then leaning in closer and sitting cross legged with a look of sheer horror on my face.

Let’s talk about those scenes.

The first one would be this one right here.

Glenn has been unassuming as of late hanging in the background. There have been a few slow reveals about his current head space but nothing too involved. I have always liked Glenn and in the mental game I play with myself on who would survive, Glenn is always in that list. Perhaps unassuming but absolutely critical to this group. Remember when he saved and directed Rick out of the tank from the early episodes? Well whoever saves Rick Grimes is a key component to this dynamic. He is smart and savvy. He is strategic and I loved seeing him navigate his way out of that situation last night and rattling off the plan of action. Decisiveness 101. Glenn certainly stepped it up last night. Kept his cool, stayed positive (maybe he does a bit of affirmation work that we don’t see even in the zombie apocalypse world?) In a strange turn of events I also found grieving Glenn rather attractive? I know that was possibly a tad inappropriate but it is the truth. Usually I am struggling with my conflicting Rick and Daryl attractions in this area (and yes that motorbike scene of Daryl at the start was enjoyable) but Glenn took the limelight last night. Especially angry, grieving Glenn.
Helloooooo Glenn.
This is what I am referring to 

 I do enjoy a bit of emotion in my walking dead men.

If the whole Noah/Glenn debacle wasn’t enough to fulfill your gore requiremennullts, we have Abraham just going all medieval on the walkers with a ball and chain type of weapon. Brutal.Some amazing special effects going on here. The Talking Dead kills would be phenomenal tonight.

That episode really left me feeling much like Glenn here.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words…

Poor Glenn – there are now a lot of people (women)  wanting to console you.

Safe to say some PTSD is coming your way!