*warning spoilers – if you aren’t up to date with TV – you should be*

The latest episode of GIRLS has taught me what not to say on a date and has also given me a strange boost of optimism at the same time. Optism in terms of it seems that no matter just how disastrous your attempts for sexy-flirty-dirty talking go, that some guys can excuse this and even have a laugh about it. Maybe if they like you enough (eternally hopeful I am that they exist) they can look past this and put it down to extreme nervousness.

I have to say that in all my dating (and by all, I mean a small handful of experiences) and male associated awkwardness, I have never asked them about the “future of their cock” and for this I am truly grateful. In fact, I have never in conversation with a male found myself talking about the male genitalia and definitely not the specifics of their own anatomy. It would seem that I can contain myself until different environments present themselves. Sure I specialise in cramping up at all the wrong times and it doesn’t matter how much magnesium I eat or take they still happen without a doubt every single time…but hey, I got to where I needed to be and I got there with no reference to my “slimy vagina”. Thanks for the mental imagery Shosh.

It did get me thinking just what would go through a males mind after hearing this line. Luckily for Shoshanna she is somewhat endearing with her miscalculated conversation and her quirkiness. She’s definitely off beat and I think being attractive in her own way certainly helped Soup Guy/Scott digest this. Surely it would be shocking as it just seems so unexpected but then perhaps it does a trick I like to call imprinting. She’s now put a sexual image in his mind, she left an imprint if you will – doesn’t matter how she got it in there the point is – it’s in there!

If I took another stance on this I admire Shoshannas’s confidence. Not everybody can just be so upfront about these topics. We are bombarded with conflicting information as females nowadays on how to “get the guy”. It is a nightmare at the best of times and I am beyond reluctant to venture out there into the world of dating. Eventually I will, but for now I am hibernating. I am seeing an increase of articles that say to females to be ’empowered’ and ‘take charge of your love life’ – the old go get ’em attitude is on the rise. Maybe Shoshanna  is just an example of putting it out there, not being afraid to push your limitations (albeit socially and sexually awkward) and see what happens.

So here’s to you Shosh for showing us the way forward in a spectacularly shocking light.

Think about it, what’s the worst that can happen next time you attempt to take the conversation down town? He might reply favourably just like Scott did…

“ …I like you OK ,and I also like the thought of your hand on my cock…”

I can safely say I won’t be taking this approach any time soon!