Take a look ladies – what a visual delight. (…or so I thought)

Today I made a comment that was not well received at all. I am absolutely perplexed as to why others didn’t share the same viewpoint as me. I had all the irrefutable evidence I could come up with and still I couldn’t get anybody to shift their opinion.The topic was around TV and characters that we find attractive – a pretty commonplace topic for light relief. Scandal’s Jake came out of the gates first and sure, I totally get it. Hey, I was a fan way back from when he was on Felicity. Jax Teller, Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Guy from Arrow etc etc. I don’t disagree with these at all.


It’s just I shifted the conversation from an unrealistic romantic day dreaming head space into one that might be more realistic. Realistic in terms of this TV character being potential in the real world. A character you could actually date. Clearly none of us are Olivia Pope in status with access to high powered men and I certainly am not that well dressed or have the ability to handle stress as well as she does. Forget our zombie friends –  they wouldn’t have the time for you. I guess that would be the equivalent of men today in the dating world saying they can’t commit (because there’s a zombie apocalypse and surviving kinda takes priority over you ..ouch) Let’s not start on our bad boy men of Sons of Anarchy. You get the point.

I blurted out that Richard Hendricks, played by Thomas Middleditch,was someone I would date in the real world. The responses were so reactionary it upset me! Why Why why? I felt like this blog post should of been called in defence of Richard Hendricks!

He’s nerdy – given. Intelligent, thoughtful, determined and thinks outside the box as seen here (alright socially awkward and bumbling and rife with nervous energy) but it’s all endearing right!!?!

Wouldn’t you prefer someone highly alert and tuned in rather than someone disengaged and arrogant?  Let us not forget the overarching gold star of all his traits, he is an inventor. A pioneer. He followed his dreams which means ambition ladies! Goal making and focus.  Pied Piper indeed!

I get that he can’t make decisions overly well but I can. I am far too impulsive for my own good and sure, I can’t handle stress well either but at least I know our medicinal cupboard would always be heavily stocked with IBS drugs. He would let me talk freely about my  nervous poo pains without dismissing me like some other males might. Empathy is what he could show you. Empathy because he can relate to the panic attacks

Moving the relationship forward could see an involvement in stress reducing activities like yoga. Imagine the depth and growth the relationship would see whilst overcoming these issues. I also just need to add that he would understand my need to play skyrim – if only to listen to the atmospheric music. Designated gaming time. Bliss.

Anyway I am standing by my decision, so much so it may inspire me to move there and just stalk out nerdy,cute guys?

Back to the real world and if you haven’t watched Silicon Valley it is so funny and well written. Do yourself a favour and watch it and who knows you may start seeing the many attractive elements of all the cast and characters.