I have waited 4 seasons, yes 4, for Rick Grimes to develop the rugged, earthy, manly “ I’m fighting zombies and have no time for personal hygiene or nonsensical things like hair cuts” look to develop.
I knew some type of group grooming was going to take place if only because the faux beard was getting out of hand and if anything, that would be a nuisance long term in a zombie apocalypse for multiple reasons (zombies grabbing it, blood lingering in it ,food being trapped there ,smell, heat etc) but this was pretty drastic .
Having studied film theory blah blah, I understand the significance of main characters and events that tie into bigger story arcs or have meaning conveyed. No doubt the significance of his haircut has some bigger picture that relates to reverting to his old self, the season 1 strength, the potential manipulation of Deanna by putting him in a position where he feels comfortable, safe and powerful etc. There are many reviews out there and theories around this.

Mine is not so analytical.

Scruffy,long hair = good.  Season 1 haircut = bad.
The experience was good for me initially. The shower scene got me a little flustered I must admit . I know that the show has little to no sexual landscape – obviously the environment is not conducive to really ‘feeling in the mood.’  However one must applaud them for casting male characters who look attractive in the foreboding zombie landscape. Thanks Atlanta for the sweaty environment and the scantily clad t-shirts.

Anyway I will talk you through the steps of my emotions during the episode:
1) Wonderful. Bliss. Females swooning worldwide. Everybody loves a shower and a bit of personal refelction – we get it.
2) Hallelujah! That fuzzy grey steel wool mess is coming off ladies! Excitement and anticipation was developing here
3)Confirmed happiness – the beard is gone. If Gillette needed a new celebrity endorsement – here it is! Goodbye hipster Rick.

4) Turning point. This is where we should of just stopped. Just let Rick be clean shaven but still all manly…but it was not to be. At first I didn’t trust her I thought haircut was code for chainsaw massacre behaviour.

I know it’s selfish and its all about personal preference but I can’t say I like this new look nor can I warm to it after being moody about it all day.

And i don’t want to go back. I don’t think the viewers want you to go back Rick, you can’t go back RICK that’s the point. YOU CAN’T GO BACK. Everything you have learnt, developed and cultivated from Season 1 Rick shouldn’t go to waste, and a silly little haircut can’t change that !

Gotta keep moving forward and adapting to the change – like all good leaders, right? Right?

Luckily hair will grow back – note how Daryl hasn’t had a haircut yet – yes more cautious and not so impulsive…one can only hope he doesn’t shave his head next episode or dare I say it, there will be tears.

RIP Rick’s locks.