UntitledFirst of all, let’s get this out of the way upfront to set up some context. I completely identify with the following funny, and scarily accurate buzzfeed post:


Diet coke has been my most successful relationship. It’s always been there and always will be. It is emotionally and physically available to me. It never lets me down and if it does (on the rare occasion) it is never diet cokes fault itself, it will be an external factor at play. Diet Coke doesn’t judge me it just provides comfort. Fizzy, brown bubbles of bliss. Straight to my heart you go.

Now I know, I REALLY know all about its detrimental health effects. Everybody has something. There are degrees of vices and this is mine. Before you get on your aspartame rant… let’s get some perspective people – It’s a soft drink. It doesn’t emotionally disengage me or check me out into another planet. It doesn’t ruin the lives of those around me (unless I haven’t had one). I don’t get violent, or black out on it. I can only laugh about a recent involvement where this person actually tried to rationalise their very serious drug addiction with marijuana to that of diet coke. You know when girls read all things relationships and red flags pop up and drugs and addicts are a massive red flag. You don’t see diet coke on that list…just saying. I don’t steal for it and yes I can in fact, give it up and have. Just like any other addict I choose not to.

My dad has diabetes and his specialists all say it’s ok and my neurologist said it was, in fact he advocates that caffeine can actually help with migraines. YIPEE. REGARDLESS there are multiple stories of science on either side of the argument re diet coke.

You see I grew up in a house of diabetics and it was the only soft drink/treat we really had so the addiction started in my early teens. I don’t eat much sugar, I am pretty much a clean eater, I avoid most processed as best I can and as much as my finances allow me, I buy organic, I rarely (like a few times a year) will have alcohol, I’m anti recreational drugs and hate smoking.

But this was not a rant post defending my position this was a loving post. It sometimes is the little things. I had a bad night last night. Something has reared it’s head unexpectedly and thrown my emotions into chaos. I can’t even really pinpoint it I guess it just needs to come out. I know I have to ride it out and eventually it will pass but in the meantime a good, cold batch of diet coke can be such a simple pleasure that can provide genuine solace in a time of need. By batch number I mean that in Australia each bottle/can etc has it’s own number stamp and expiry date. You have to keep up to date to ensure you are getting a good batch. For example we are currently up to June expiration dates so now that I know that is the most recent I need to ensure I am not settling for previous months expiration date batches. Diet coke is not like Coke that seems to have a much longer shelf life. The chemical structure of diet coke requires it’s drinkers to be alert at all times as to not experience a bad Diet Coke because when they are bad, they are really,really bad.

I am so loyal to diet coke but lately it has been tricky. I find when travelling they often snullay they have Diet Coke but they really mean Coke Zero. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PEOPLE. They taste VERY different. I also hate it when you say diet coke and it is pepsi. That is pretty much every diet coke drinkers worst nightmare. There have been a few circumstances where you have to just throw your hands and surrender it all to the sky. For loyalties sake I will try to keep it with the Coca Cola family in the first instance of such an unfortunate situation arising.

Let’s talk lovingly about the times diet coke has been there for me and the many adventures we have shared together.


1) Relationship recovery mode (ALL OF THEM) this one here – after being cheated on. Some days I didn’t even eat food but always had enough money for what was important back in in my early twenties …here you can see me really showing my gratitude.


2) Dealing with jet lag upon arrival to Florida and I went straight to DIsney World. This is when Diet Coke is actually crucial to your existence. >

3) In Budapest after climbing a pretty large staircase to get up to see this view – all I could think about was restoring my depleted DiIMG_0332et Coke levels OR as the Europeans like to refer to it as, Coca Cola light. You didn’t really think water would be sufficient? haha *Note this concerns me for my future hiking adventures and where to obtain a DC from although I did ok in Oregon*IMG_6034

4) Jet lag hell on one of the hellish flights to London/Australia. Even in Abu Dhabi I knew intuitively what needed to be done.

2015-03-01 13.59.10

5) Disney days… working hard and taking advantage of the soda fountain. Before we had digital cameras…

2015-03-01 14.04.226) Surviving my childhood and my family. As seen below a glass full of diet coke helping me cope with yet another, not so Merry Christmas. >


And if anyone was wondering if it was a genetic thing…I am going to say YES. My dad pictured here at age 70 who has been drinking it before it was even known as Diet Coke- when it was called TAB. At least that coping skill got passed down. Have a look at the 1.25L bottle he is clutching.

Dear diet coke we may be codependent and one day I will probably give you up for good, just not anytime soon.