This week has been particularly long, challenging and I am tired both physically and mentally. I just wanted to come home and have some me time. I am exhausted from extending myself all the time. It is Friday fun day, as I like to refer to it as. I wanted a treat, something small, not a binge, not an emotional wipeout, just something small. I thought that would be a good idea to come home and catch up on some trashy tv or even maybe try to find some time to watch the ever growing list of movies I need to see with a little (hmm ok medium sized perhaps) packet of chips.

I don’t crave chocolate. I am a savoury person. I love salt and I love potato. Right there you have one of my very few weaknesses …potato in any shape or form. Mashed, fried,grilled, hash browns, hot chips, potato scallops, crisps/chips. etc . I definitely think Irish ancestral roots are heavily to blame here. My favourite chip flavour is salt and vinegar (within Australia) and if we extended the love to a global scale it would be Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream  – not to be confused with sour cream and chives !  I decided to put a photo of myself with these chips in here and then giggled because every time I visit the USA there seems to be an inevitable picture of the two of us. Luckily the love affair is a long distance one….The first one is me after a loooong day of playing at Disneyland. What better way to prolong the hyperactivity by eating things that are unnatural and probably cause my chemical interactions!? The other is on my way to the Grand Canyon. Yes these photos are a few years apart.


These unnaturally yellow/orange chips make my taste buds scream. I know they probably don’t have any nutritional value whatsoever but I like them…. I feel like i need to point out that I am pretty healthy and eat “clean” about 80-90% of the time – in fact I try to be paleo – esque in my eating patterns with the moderation component being the odd chippy indulgence.

Today I left feeling very deflated. I went into the supermarket near my work and en route to the bus stop. Down the chip aisle I went and the shelf was empty where the chips I were seeking should of been. How frustrating. I was seeking these…Tyrrells Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar. They are the best. They are not too vinegary so there is no chance of ripping your mounullth to shreds on the ultra acidic vinegar. (regular chip eaters will be familiar with this – your tongue just goes into some type of vinegar numbness, sometimes the grooves even hurt and then the roof of your mouth can peel!?) The flavour with these is subtle and not harmful to your health! Anyway so I did originally take this as the universe saying to me that I didn’t really need the chips and that I should of taken it as a sign when the second supermarket I went to also had them sold out but every other flavour in their range fully stocked. Ah! So tonight I had to settle for another flavour in this range. It was nice but not the same. I paced the aisles ,picked up some other brands of salt and vinegar chips then put them all aback because i knew the damage they would inflict on my mouth. I already get ulcers from stress so we don’t need to anger them by throwing some salt and vinegar into the mix.

All I knew is that I wanted/needed some salty goodness and the universe put up a pretty good fight to NOT let me have them. I mean come on…

UGH. I just wanted some chips…

that is all.