Oh yes you are.

Dirty, experimental, imaginative, terrifying, perspicacious, controversial and provocative.

Our relationship is complicated. Aren’t they always?

This week I will be seeing Marilyn Manson in concert for the 10th time. I am not really sure what to expect as my concert experience with him takes many twists turns, highs and lows. Expectations have been met and exceeded and other times I have been thrust into the depths of disappointment. I have seen the best show of his and I am positive he was operating on multiple substances, and then last time, he was rather bloated and forgot the lyrics rolling around on the floor. Here’s hoping we can find a middle ground this time!

nullI don’t condone this next comment in anyway, and for the most part I am largely anti-substances/drugs things you can get addicted to for my own reasoning , but why is it that so many rockstars/musicians are just so much more enticing,appealing,attractive when they are out of their minds on drugs? They just exude a different level of hotness. It just seems a universal music industry truth I can’t argue with. (Think Axl Rose, Iggy Pop, Steven Tyler, Trent Reznor) Don’t get me wrong some of these guys are recovered and still amazing but – just an observation.

Let’s rewind a little. 1997 on a coach touring around the USA as part of a school trip. We had just left Philadelphia and I remember thinking how awful it was. Decrepit and sadness seemed to be around every corner. My friend and I ( the only other girl at school who liked anything with a guitar in it) had purchased ‘Antichrist Superstar’. We shared a sony discman (can I just say that the word discman is currently underlined in red because SPELLCHECK doesn’t know that is a word oh dear) and loaded that CD in.  You can imagine, I went to a christian/anglican based private school so we being made fun of for most of the trip that we were goths. it cracked me up because well i was a surfing/gymnast at that time who didn’t even own any eyeliner…just saying.

On shuffled ‘Deformography’ played and i remember that when I heard him scream “You’re such a dirty,dirty rockstar” I was gone. It moulded well with my angsty 15 year old teen behaviour. I was pretty lucky enough to experience Marilyn Manson at a time where I would say the momentum was at its peak.

To get you up to speed have a little look of this. I love this excerpt from the Guns,God,Government Tour.

That momentum happened during  1996-1999. Don’t get me wrong I still love the many facets of his open mind and artwork. I struggle with the many instances in history that music/art/creation gets slandered,damaged,ruined etc. There are so many instances where someones creative output can disrupt so many on a mass scale and yet provide pleasure to so many at the same time. It amuses me now on reflection to think of the massive amounts of media he generated and the moment that cemented my respect for him as an icon (of sorts) was after this interview about the Columbine massacre. The documentary “Bowling for Columbine” by Mike Moore is definitely worth a watch and seemed to persuade and educate a lot of people that perhaps he was more than just a screaming,drug taking,rockstar. I made my parents watch it in a moment of teenage defiance. They agreed he was highly intelligent and I felt a small victory on some scale. Dad shortly followed that conversation with “he still looks like a weirdo” – oh well. I never had such luck at convincing them that Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails was decent – I guess the Closer video clip did some damage. It doesn’t seem to happen so much this scapegoat-esque blame game with music but back then…it was all I remember. It was a strange concept to me and it bothered me immensely. I have not watched this clip since then -Powerful stuff and started my tiny steps in the direction of trying to be non judgemental. I must say I found the late 90’s to be a very unsettled time in my life so no wonder this was all in the mix

Throughout the years I have enjoyed his transformations, evolutions, videoclips, theatrical stage shows, partners,reinventions and his dabbling into other artistic areas. If only more people could embrace self expression out into the world. Throw some acceptance into the mix and the world would be a much better place no doubt. He has done so many things that I like aesthetically.

One of my all time favourite shots for many reasons. I love Dita Von Teese she is so elegant. What a wonderful dress! Totally romantic and very 18th/19th century. Sadly this didn’t last.

Like most people that are in the artistic realms they are not limited to just one area. I thoroughly enjoy his watercolour paintings which can be viewed here

More importantly his recent stint in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ has me a tad more excited than usual. Aside from what a remarkable show that was his guest appearance only enhanced it’s already pre existing awesome nature.It has increased the dirty,dirty rockstar element drastically. Hot by association with Jax Teller/Charlie Hunnam. Just the two of them is enough to keep my brain entertained for some time.


One thing I know for sure is that Twiggy Ramirez/Marilyn Manson will be together in this current line up of Marilyn Manson and that is always a visual delight. They have been together for a very long time and I don’t think much has changed. I really do fancy a bit of them together. Rock star appeal it up. Together they are my favourite dirty,dirty rockstars and regardless, this concert will be another experience to have.