*spoilers and not just from GOT*

April is a going to be a good month, notably because it is my birthday month but more importantly is that Game of Thrones season 5 will be back on April 12. As that time draws closer I will no doubt be annoyingly caught humming the theme tune out loud at work ” Da da da da da da” and that my boss will be perturbed that I go on and on about all HBO productions.

Signs will have to go up at work that  you cannot discuss the most recent episode in an open floor plan or in communal areas like the photocopier room because it can ruin your day in an instant.

I know that Robb Stark departed in Season 3 and that much time has passed in the seven kingdoms. I thought that Jon Snow would reunite with Bran, Arya or Rickon but it was not to be. I thought that the Starks would rise up. I though that some plot lines would distract me from the gaping hole in my heart that is the absence of Robb Stark. King of the North no more. I didn’t expect for it to hit me so hard.

I just don’t know how much more my TV  heart can take. Sons of Anarchy finished. Jax Teller committed suicide. If Rick or Daryl die in The Walking Dead I am putting myself on sabbatical to deal with the trauma. It is only now after grieving during all of season 4 that I think I am on the road to recovery after the horrific events of the Red Wedding. I really don’t think i am the only one out there having residual Stark grief moments.


Yesterday I saw a wonderful poster for Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ and guess who just happens to be Prince Charming? Yup Robb Stark I mean, Richard Madden. I love all things Disney and all things Richard Madden so it will be just another element to keep the reminiscing and romanticising snowballing. No matter how wonderful this reincarnation is, it’s just not the same…but he does look dashing and I do love a fairytale.

What wasn’t there to like about Robb Stark ? Right from season 1 episode 1 women everywhere were just going into lusty overdrive at the whole dire wolf puppy discovery scene. Whether it was Jon or Robb you definitely decided which camp you sat in.Men and animals will forever be a combination that wins hearts!

Admittedly not the best war general or military leader (and whilst i am just making light of my infatuations on here there is a fantastic analysis over here about Robb’s strategy or lack there of https://bryndenbfish.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/a-complete-analysis-of-robb-stark-as-a-military-commander/ – worth a read if you like to get into the nitty gritty) I feel he made the decisions with his instincts. You know, like a wolf, trusting his instincts.

Regardless of right and wrong they were his to make and in doing so has some sense of self, integrity and possibly  makes him one of my better TV choices in men. They certainly  don’t get any better in my real life so for now I just have to daydream about emotionally and physically unattainable men oh and did we add TOTALLY FICTIONAL. (There’s no saving me)

Some of my favourite scenes of him are with him dire wolf Grey Wind. Hands down this scene is my favourite of the two of them. I would much rather remember him like this so I will…

It is on daydreaming days where I sigh and think, ” The North Remembers”

x RIP Robb Stark