null If you haven’t seen this you need to prioritise your life and get on board with this quality comedy series. Broad City began back in 2009 as a web series and in 2011 it got the attention it deserved. I have been waiting soooooooooooooo long for a show like this.

I don’t usually laugh out loud whilst watching TV. I don’t know that many people that really erupt with that intoxicating, I can feel my abdominals again laughter. Seinfeld has been the only TV series where I have been known to burst into hysterics repeatedly.

Enter Broad City.

Enter these wonderful women – Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and executive producer Amy Poehle . I know that at least one of these ladies needs no introduction.null


Thank you for making me laugh to the point where I start to question the effect of my pelvic floor exercises…

I am enjoying laughing out loud again it is actually refreshing when it is not forced Welcome to the elite category of ‘ shows that make me laugh out loud’ Broad City. Well done indeed.

I am not going to attempt to categorise it because I enjoy it far to much to pick it apart. I am not going to do a discourse on women and New York city. You won’t see a commentary on whether it is anti – ‘GIRLS’ , a conversation about its use of satire and Gen Y observations or it’s featured use of drugs and strange social situations as it’s subject matter. I just, for once, want to share the love of laughter with you all.

Abby and ILana have tapped into something can’t quite articulate and grasp other than I often (for better or worse) have had similar thoughts to them. It was an awakening of sorts to have an episode where this comment verbalised “Do you ever get hair from your head stuck in your butt crack in the shower?” That is not something that you can just ask anyone …they have to be within a specific circle of friends, for a set period of time before you can push those barriers. I was overjoyed my hypothalamus was happy. Happy for a few reasons;

1) Someone actually had that thought so it is in fact more common than I thought as an occurrence

2) Someone had the creative writing genius to include it in an episode – yay writers

For me, Broad City has successfully tapped into a specific mindset of the many funny, intelligent, essentially ‘daggy’ females everywhere meandering through life. There is definitely something magical about the symbiotic friendship between Abbi and Ilana and I think it has to do with the truth behind their fictionalised versions of themselves. They are a wonderful blend of funny, awkward, cringe worthy and at the heart of it, just really good friends to each other (amidst the crazy)

More importantly I find it educational. I now know what pegging is. I now know I can refer to my vagina as “natures pocket” .

Take a look at the below and laugh. Check it out.

It’s good for the soul – because who doesn’t enjoy the sense of freedom one has when everybody is out of the apartment!