The other day I found myself in a conversation with my lovely cousin about communication etiquette and styles. On top of this we added the ever complicating layer of men into the mix and more specifically their communication styles. I found myself saying that all we wanted was a reasonable turn around time from a man to respond to a text,email,call.

Is it that hard? Well yes,very it would seem.

I mean I/we/females are asking for a reasonable time frame in which they use their brain to respond. Come on.

I am not sure how much of my job impairs me. My job is to be super organised, time oriented and detailed, I respond to things asap and I find it baffling that people don’t adhere to the same protocols I have. They may be somewhat unrealisitic but then again I only have to look up on the bus and see that no it’s not. I also think, aren’t I worth a slice, a second of your time…YES I really am. I want people in my life that value me enough to respond within a reasonable time frame!

Everyone is always close to or near their phones so why then is it SO HARD for men (not gender specific really just in this rant) to just make the effort. Then there is the inevitable slippery slope into the lazy communication cycle where it’s all texts and no phone calls – perhaps that is a personal choice as some people prefer to text.

I am all for disengaging/switching off but I will always contact the people that matter and in fact I guess I am at the other end of the spectrum – I value that and those types of aspects of my life( you know like connecting and relationships) far more it would seem. There must be other like minded souls out there.

The conversation then got me thinking about cut off times. When is it too late now to call/text/contact? It made me giggle and think of the wonderful episode of curb your enthusiasm where they discuss what time is too late to call.

I actually couldn’t answer that anymore. I remember growing up when we had the land line and as a teenager I think the usual house rule was 9 pm for nights and after 9 am in the morning…with a loose stretch either side come the weekend. I spent hours on the phone as a teenager it was great.

Some of my great memories are connecting via the old land line phone. I would talk for hours to some crushes and it was so nice. Now I feel like people just don’t even have the time or want to actually connect it is all so superficial and it makes me rather sad if i sit with these thoughts for too long.

Sometimes I day dream about going way back in history to that period of Albert and Victoria where they wrote each other the most amazing love letters and they were so excited to receive a letter. Does anyone write letters? I like to and I love to send cards. (Sure I have a stationery addiction but still) I miss the small things, the intimate and the personal. I mean everybody just take note… just truly beautiful

Seriously, I am and anyone I associate with, is worth a god damn phone call and that is for males or females. Pick up the phone and call. We are worth it!