As of late I have been trying to write a gratitude list. Every day I try to say ten things (at least) I am grateful for and really mean it. I do find this challenging at present and I am trying to make it more meaningful than things like I am grateful for diet coke even though I really am grateful for that fizzy brown beverage. They say the trick with affirmations is for words and emotions to be in alignment for the affirmation to have any effect . The thing is, with the the above affirmation of diet coke is that I reaaallly  am in alignment because I think it and feel it and truly believe it and truthfully some days would quite simply be abhorent without it.

Of a similar nature, I am genuinely grateful for my ghd hair straigtheners (yup I own a few) What did we do without them? Look what they do to Katy Perry – you know what they do to you and your hair and most importantly, your esteem. Hair can really upset you and if you have curly hair like me, it can, if you let it, ruin your day. Thanks to the ghd though, those days are reducing. Surviving a bad hair day is achievable with a ghd – I can’t find one person who disagrees with me on the topic.

The time has come to say goodbye to my ghd hair straightener – it is on it’s last legs. I have had several over the years and this one has been the most reliant.I know what I need to do and it is without hesitation that I will fork out the $250 approx to repurchase this life changing item. It got me thinking about the time before ghd’s and hair straighteners and just how appreciative I am that in 2001 this little company ghd (good hair day) created this genius device.

UntitledSome of you reading this will never know what it was like to live pre GHD or pre decent hair straightening tools. Lucky you. Let me tell you the above image is no lie. Never will you know what a true 1990’s hair style was like. It basically meant your hair was left to it’s natural state – natural ?? I can hear you gasping!  If you were lucky enough you knew someone who knew how to do good hair styles, was training to be a hairdresser or your mum had copious bobby pins and hairspray to assist. My hair is naturally curly so as you can imagine a lot of us with this genetic blessing/curse looked like this. It is very obvious which side has had the helpful aid of a ghd.


Today I don’t care how vain or trivial this seems but I LOVE MY GHD, I LOVE ALL THE GHD products.

Thank you GHD for fixing self esteem and fuzzy hair globally. May you know the eternal debt that women owe you.